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Zigurat Unites Students of 43 Nationalities and 11 Master’s Programs for the Celebration of Student Week 2019 in Barcelona



Universitat de Barcelona reaffirms its commitment to Zigurat through the Institut de Formació Contínua-IL3 by offering its facilities for the event

Press Release updated: Aug 7, 2019 19:56 CEST

​​​​Zigurat Global Institute of Technology brought together in the city of Barcelona students of 43 nationalities to celebrate the second edition of the Zigurat Student Week, held in the building of the Institut de Formació Contínua IL3 – Universitat de Barcelona.

Participants of 11 master’s programs, coming from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America, met in person to participate in academic workshops presented by professors and industry leaders and to visit a selection of locally based projects and pioneering companies.

Listening to the industry

At the event, the latest industry trends, in terms of digital transformation, were covered, such as the innovative proposals in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), presented by Angela Shen-Hsieh from Telefónica; the introduction to key issues such as Technological Ethics and Intrapreneurship from a 100% digital perspective, a session directed by Robin Weninger from shapingwork; and the different applications of Blockchain, by the hand of Dr. Daniel Diemers, who ended his session with a very interesting Shark Tank dynamic. Jean Bosco Ahorukomeye, a student of Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies, sums up his experience at the event: “I have met a lot of people, made friends and many contacts for my future and my business.”

The Architecture and Engineering students examined several implementation cases of BIM methodology, as well as new digital workflows and the most innovative collaborative processes. The concepts of Smart Contracts and the increasingly popular Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) were addressed from a very practical and dynamic approach to encourage teamwork and collaboration among participants. The presentations by architect Ignasi Pérez Arnal and engineer Issam El-Absi, on IPD and BIM workflow creation, respectively, were particularly highlighted by the participants. What the Master’s in Global BIM Management student Nasreen Mursi values most about the event is that it “truly connects you with everything that is happening in the industry.”

In addition, more transversal sessions were also held to cultivate less technical, but equally essential, social skills, such as communication, leadership and team building, at the hands of international specialists such as James Basha.

Visits to companies and sites to complete the ‘Barcelona experience’

​The Zigurat Student Week was also an ideal opportunity to get to know first-hand the technology companies and outstanding projects in the city. The students of Digital Transformation and Blockchain visited Telefónica’s headquarters and Barcelona Tech City to get to know the technological ecosystem and the panorama of digital innovation in the city better, among which the initiative of Mobile World Capital Barcelona stands out for receiving the MWC in Barcelona. For their part, the students of Architecture and Engineering got to know the Networkia Business Center, a unique project developed and executed entirely in BIM in the very center of Barcelona.  

Zigurat Awards

To conclude an unforgettable week for everyone, Zigurat rewarded the work and effort of the participants by delivering the now traditional Zigurat Awards, which recognized teams and professionals who excelled in different academic activities during the week.

About Zigurat Global Institute of Technology 

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology is an educational institution that has managed to bring together people, knowledge, industry, and technology. Zigurat contributes to the progress of society with an advanced, innovative and disruptive proposal, linking the master’s programs with the real skills of today’s industry.

Source: Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

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