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XRP Hits 6 Months High as the Ripple Cryptocurrency Coin Chart Indicates a Surge of 5,000%





Recently we shared how crypto trader Hsaka shared that XRP has finally turned bullish after bleeding red in 2019 while Bitcoin and various altcoins enjoyed a prominent rally. The trader says the digital asset has the tenacity for

“face melting pumps after months of bleeding.”

“XRP is pumping of the lows extremely quickly leaving sideline investors stuck in BTC.”

XRP to Skyrocket?

Though, XRP has taken a small backstep for now, while experts share the digital asset seems to be ripe for more gains. Crypto trader, Moon Overlord notes rather interesting and extremely bullish observation.

He shares how at the beginning of 2017, XRP has been oversold on the XRP/BTC chart just like it has been right now. The last time XRP was this oversold, Moon Overlord says it resulted in the digital asset exploding by 5000 percent.

Moreover, currently all the money is moving into leading cryptocurrency, however, once Bitcoin takes a drop only to trade sideways, the investment will make its way into altcoins that could further take XRP to well above $0.50 and close to $1 finally.

As we already shared, XRP is also enjoying a lot of good news. First Coinbase expanding its services for this digital asset for the New York residents and then Boerse Stuttgart launching an XRP ETN.

We also reported how, in Japan, Ripple’s XRP falls under the “virtual currency” category just like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Currently, XRP is still down 89 percent from its all-time high of $3.84. So, we have still a long way to go but we might just have started our journey to that high.

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