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XENA Exchange: Special Interview with CEO Anton Kravchenko



Xena is one of the newer exchanges in the crypto space. Despite this fact, in its short life, it’s been stable and promising, offering many features dedicated to crypto traders.

We recently had the chance to catch Anton Kravchenko, the CEO of Xena exchange, for a short video interview.

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“The Xena project glanced at many of the options the crypto markets had to offer in the area of exchanges,” said the CEO.

“When we actually initiated the project in 2017, we were just a group of some people coming out from JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Goldman Sachs,” according to Kravchenko. “The market lacked a variety of options for traders, in contrast to the host of opportunities seen in traditional markets.”

Some of the options Kravchenko mentioned are exchange commissions and a wider variety of tradable products, rather than focusing on trading Bitcoin on margin: “Besides its price, Bitcoin volatility and mining difficulty can also be highly tradable assets.”, according to the CEO. The CEO also talk about future plans of listing security tokens on Xena.

When asked about Xena’s regulations, Kravchenko mentioned that the exchange is working with the United Kingdom (UK) and Mauritius legal departments, as well as considering future opening a U.S establishment, via FinCEN licensing.

Xena’s Future Plans

When asked about Xena’s short and long term plans, the CEO revealed ideas such as adding indices for trading, as well as adding crypto – FIAT options.

“In two or three months, once we get the broker life license, users will be able to sell Bitcoin for Euro. You will be able to trade Ethereum to Euro, and deposit to Xena using FIAT,” according to Kravchenko.

For the full interview – watch the video embedded in this post.

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