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WeiDex – New Smart Contracts release in the beginning of June



WeiDex is Blockchain Agnostic DApp Ecosystem for Exchanges.

We are building our products on multiple blockchains – Ethereum, Aeternity and other smart contract platforms. We are planning to build NFT token Exchange, MultiDEX and Atomic Swap Widget. Check our website for more details.

Our Main Focus

Now we are focused on our DEX. We have fully functional DEX on Ethereum and we are improving it continuously. In the beginning of June we will release the second – more advanced version of our smart contracts. Till then we are going to test all functionalities and new methods. At the same time we will have audits from blockchain experts and smart contract audit companies.

What Are Smart Contracts Improvements

The new smart contracts are written on the latest version of Ethereum and they have the following updates:

– optimized gas costs on smart contract calls;

– added incentive for market makers (they receive 50% of the taker trade fees);

– removed trading fees for market makers;

– built-in referral bonuses on smart contract level;

– added expiration time on placed orders (this will improve the market making process);

Where Could You Find Us

WeiDex foundation’s repo

WeiDex website

WeiDex application

Telegram group

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