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Technical Trend: Virtual Currency Exchange Binance Launches Distributed Exchange DEX Officially

Binance finally launched its decentralized exchange on April 23rd, allowing consumers to participate in P2P trading with smart contract technology. The whole exchange was created on the Binance Chain, and users of the wallet will now have the ability to see the web wallet, public data nodes, and more. Recent data shows that the company has over 10 million users around the world, and the new DEX could help to grow the BNB community.

Individual Company Trend: Crypto Market Participant Robinhood Applies for Banking License

Robinhood Markets recently set out to get a license for banking services with the US Comptroller of the Currency. The company has a value of $6.5 billion, based on data from a Series C funding round in 2018. Just as a variety of financial institutions have been creating cryptocurrency products for their consumers, crypto companies are wedging their way into the banking industry. The effects that this has on the entirety of the industry could be substantial.

Individual Company Trend: Auditor Deloitte Plans to Use VeChain

The VeChain Summit was riddled with new information about the intentions of the company. More specifically, Deloitte made some headlines as they told the public of their intention to create a blockchain solution with the use of VeChain Thor. This blockchain offers a combination of IoT technology and blockchain services, helping to eliminate the potential for forgery. With improvements in traceability, Deloitte should see improvements and increases in the customer base.

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