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Ujo Music is a blockchain-powered beta music streaming and download platform. Artists sign up and publish their work, allowing listeners to discover and download albums using Ethereum cryptocurrency.

How does it work?

Ujo is more like Bandcamp than Spotify. It’s a digital store and music publishing platform which allows for direct fan-to-artist purchase of music and tipping, with artists being paid in Ethereum cryptocurrency. Paypal and credit card integration are slated for a later date. The site is currently in beta.

Who pays?

Streaming is free. Listeners purchase albums and tip artists.

What’s different about it?

Transactions to purchase music are conducted using Ethereum cryptocurrency itself, rather than by the use of tokens. The purchase of music (or tipping of artists) throughout the site is securely verified using a Chrome browser plugin called Metamask. This built-in payment infrastructure is at the core of Ujo’s mission provide a blockchain-enabled streaming service with an equal or greater convenience level than existing ‘legacy’ streaming services Spotify, Apple Music and others. Once the setup of Metamask is complete (a hurdle for lay users), users are able to view the ETH-USD exchange rate and purchase directly and securely.

Who is it for?

There doesn’t seem to a preference for genre on Ujo at the moment, and the production quality of uploaded music is unfiltered. Artists only earn on tips and downloads. The required plugin Metamask is currently only available in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, meaning that Safari, Explorer and Edge users will basically be forced to jump a few more hurdles for now.

Why check it out?

Massive plug from Grammy award winners Imogen Heap and Rac. and the fact that there’s, Ujo is still in beta. But there’s some good new music on there and more being added constantly. Users can browse the site while listening to continuous playback. The blog section allows for comments, and their support database and FAQ section is more helpful than similar services. Users are unable to purchase with USD/CAD yet, but there are plans to support it when the technology becomes more widespread. Until then, services like Coinbase allow users in the USA to buy ETH with a credit card.

My best pick

Cinematic Icelandic metal by ÝRÝ.

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