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UFC Fighter Ben Askren Is Funky Bullish On Litecoin (LTC) As Prices Surpass $100



UFC Fighter Ben Askren Is Funky Bullish On Litecoin (LTC) As Prices Surpass $100

UFC Fighter Ben Askren Is Funky Bullish On Litecoin (LTC) As Prices Surpass $100

The prices of Litecoin (LTC) have been pumped to over $100 USD recently and there is not a single person which is more excited about it than Ben Askren, the famous UFC fighter. LTC does not reach its price since June 2018, meaning that the token was facing a bull market during most of the previous year.

Today, however, the price of LTC went up 13%. That has to be enough in order to declare that the bear market is finally over. Askren, which is sponsored by the Litecoin Foundation, goes by the nickname of Funky.

He was sponsored this year by LTC when he fought Robbie Laler this year. He won the match in less than four minutes then. Ever since that happened, the price of LTC simply does not stop going up.

Litecoin Is In A Great Run

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, has been working hard to turn LTC into a better asset. He has promised to turn it into a privacy coin, which has boosted the price of the token. The promises started at the end of 2018, but only in February 2019 the price was finally able to rise 30% in a single day. Ever since then, the whole situation is looking up.

Litecoin may not have been turned into a privacy coin yet, but it is certainly showing some value, especially for traders, which are seeing the prices being pumped up.

While the prices are still way far away from their highs when they reached over $300 USD per coin, Litecoin is currently doing great and it may well be able to reach its peak again if Bitcoin continues to lead the market up.

Athletes and Crypto

It looks like now professional athletes are finally starting to get more in tune with the crypto fever that is growing around the whole world. Litecoin has not only sponsored Funky but also a popular kickboxing league, GLORY 65. The event will happen this month in the Netherlands.

LTC was even put into the GLORY merchandise and it has become an important sponsor for the event. At the moment, the Litecoin Foundation is trying to capitalize on its young fanbase in order to get support and young people are often very pro-Bitcoin.

The NFL also seems to have caught the so-called Crypto Fever. Two important players, Russel Okung and Matt Barkley, were recently tweeting about the crypto asset. They have also affirmed that they would have liked to be paid in Bitcoin.

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