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TRON’s DAppReview: Increased DApps and Transaction Numbers; All Pointing Towards Steady Pace Growth





On Friday, August 2, 2019, the TRON Foundation made its Dapp Weekly Report available. The report, which assessed growth between July 27th and August 2nd, 2019 found that TRON DApps have increased within the past week, followed by transaction numbers, and smart contracts.

In particular, the total number of DApps comes out to 545, of which 24 were newly launched. Both DAppReview and DappRadar noted that the transaction number was three times more compared to the previous week. Similarly, established smart contracts now amount to 1114. In conclusion, the Foundation trusts that the TRON ecosystem is growing at a steady pace.

According to the TRON Ecosystem Experience Report, three DApps released this week were expounded upon. The first one is called, ‘CryptoFlowers,’ is a game that requires users to collect and reproduce flowers. Next, we have, ‘0xWarriors’, a multiplayer RP game that helps players manage and equipment groups of warriors with the necessary essentials.

Finally, there’s ‘Crypto Element’, which a collection game that promotes chemical elements carrying mineral properties.

In addition to the weekly report updates, the TRON Foundation has released a monthly report, where a throwback of sorts was put together to depict what the team has accomplished in the month of July. Some of these accomplishments were summarized in a video and included:

The launch of BitTorrent Speed, clearing rumors related to the “Super Wave Field Scam”, yet another BTT airdrop, the commencement of TRONClass, a TRC20 backed USDT Incentive Plan 2.0, and NordVPN’s listing of BTT.

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