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TRON (TRX) Surges by 20%




A number of cryptocurrencies have seen a lot of positive development in early 2019, with most of them experiencing significant gains, followed by mild drops, only to start gaining more value once again. TRON (TRX), for example, has just recently surged by as much as 20% within 24 hours.

TRON has made a lot of progress in 2018, from launching its MainNet to benefiting from popular new dApps and announcing massive projects such as Project Atlas. In the meanwhile, the coin entered more partnerships than anyone can count, and new announcements of listings are constantly coming.

Its market cap is also rising, and after spending months ranked as 11th largest coin, TRX has recently started to move up the list. The real progress was made after it managed to enter the top 10 list, and after that, within only a few short days, TRX managed to rise to the 8th spot, which it holds at the time of writing.

This was a significant milestone for TRON, not only because it climbed so high up the list, but also because its market cap surpassed $2 billion.

Meanwhile, TRON’s creator, Justin Sun, continues to publish important announcements via his Twitter account. Recent examples of important news include submitting the proposal that will allow TRC-10 token transfers in smart contracts, which is expected to go into effect on January 11th, new milestones hit by TRON dApps, new listings, and alike.

TRON grows while the crypto market trades in the red

The new price surge might be attributed to these successful moves, which have finally impacted TRON’s price as well. This is a clear contrast to last year’s situation when TRX made some very important moves which made countless headlines, but its price never moved in any significant way.

At the time of writing, TRX is valued at $0.031183, according to CoinMarketCap. Its the market cap is just over $2 billion, while its daily trading volume sits just below $700 million. The current growth originally started on December 17th, and it kept on growing ever since this day. The holiday season has slowed down this upward trend by a bit, but it never discouraged it from continuing to rise.

Many were hoping that this would be the case in 2019, and while a lot of coins did start the year trading in the green, nearly all of them are currently losing value, with TRON and a handful of other coins being exceptions.

As for TRON’s plans for the future, most of them revolve around completing the projects that were started in 2018, developing new dApps, and continuing with the coin’s expansion in regards to partnerships and exchange listings. While the current growth seemingly came out of nowhere, many would argue that it was long overdue, and TRON community members seem to be optimistic regarding the coin’s future.

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