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Top Bitcoin Casinos & Sports Betting Site Ranking & Reviews 2019



One of the biggest and main markets that have benefited from the emergence of Bitcoin gambling has been online casinos. While these have existed for the better part of a decade and progressed along with many other online gambling and betting sites, Bitcoin has helped to make the online casino market even more accessible, while making depositing and withdrawing easier than ever. Bitcoin casinos have brought brand new competition to the market, and offer distinct advantages over fiat-based online operators.

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Top Casino & Sports Betting Site Independent Testers & Reviewers 2019



The following 5 companies are the best we’ve found at recommending the Best Online Bitcoin Casinos.

The first two independently test Casino games and Sports Betting sites, depositing real money and rate the Casinos on gameplay, security, deposit and withdrawal speed and overall user experience. There is nothing worse than wining big and then not being able to access your winnings. So we like the fact that they test everything out for us and give rankings on the Best Online Casinos that allow US Players as well.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th ranked Casino Reviewers have been around longer and have stellar reputations as trusted sources to aid both new and experienced players in finding the right casino. We can’t confirm or deny that they actually test the Casinos with real money, therefore justifying the slightly lower ranking. Overall though, these are 5 trusted sources, and if you’re looking for direction on safe, anonymous and secure 3D Slots, card games or betting on your favorite sports, I would definitely recommend visiting these sites before joining.

  1. Bitcoin Gambling & Sports Betting

Screenshot 2019-01-07 10.38.42.png

2. Top Online Bitcoin Casinos

Screenshot 2019-01-07 10.39.59.png

3. Bitcoin Casino Kings

Screenshot 2019-01-07 10.42.06.png

4. Gambling Bitcoin

Screenshot 2019-01-07 10.44.15


Screenshot 2019-01-07 10.47.42.png

Screenshot 2019-01-07 10.47.42.png

Do Bitcoin Casinos Have An Advantage Over Competitors?



Bitcoin casinos have only been popular for a few years, but their popularity has grown dramatically in a short amount of time. In 2012, almost all Bitcoin casinos reported lifetime highs in amount bet by consumers and also in revenue. Several Bitcoin casinos are now multi-million dollar companies with some valued as high at $10 million.

Though this is still a pittance to the billion dollar gambling faints across the world, we have to remember that Bitcoin is still relatively new and Bitcoin online gambling is even newer. Each month, more and more gambling enthusiasts learn about Bitcoin and end up heading to a Bitcoin casino as opposed to a traditional online casino. This keeps a steady stream of players headed to Bitcoin casinos, increasing not only their revenues, but also the rewards and odds that they can offer to players.

What Are The Best Bitcoin Casinos?

We have ranked and graded the best online Bitcoin casinos, allowing you to choose from tried and tested casinos. All of these sites have been tested by Top Online Casinos for user friendliness, ease of withdrawals and deposits and more, and all have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

What Games Do Bitcoin Casinos Offer?

Every game that you can find at a standard online fiat currency based casino can be found at a Bitcoin casino. While offers, bonuses and odds will all differ depending on the game provider, you can find the best of the best at a Bitcoin casino. Blackjack, the most popular casino game in the world, is well represented amongst casinos that use Bitcoin, and a long list of other casino games such as Roulette, Craps, Three Card Poker, Baccarat and more can also be found. Las Vegas favorite Keno is also an option at many Bitcoin casinos as well.

Bitcoin Slots are a steadily growing market, meaning you are sure to find your favorite slots games at the Bitcoin casinos we recommend. Newer to the scene are 3D Slots, which can be a lot of fun.

The Advantages Of A Bitcoin Casino



There are a huge number of advantages when it comes to Bitcoin casinos, but the most appealing one is that they do not require any personal information in order to sign up and play. In some cases, Bitcoin casinos do not even require an email address! All you need is a Bitcoin Wallet of your choice to deposit your cash, and then you are ready to play!

On top of this, Bitcoin offers a much faster and more secure payment method for both withdrawals and deposits at the casino. The process is simple and easily accessible, while still being safe and regulated by various bodies.

Bitcoin Casino Odds

Bitcoin casinos often offer the best odds compared to fiat-currency based online casinos or even brick and mortar establishments. While many locally run casinos rarely pay out more than 95% on slots, many online casinos will payout above that percentage.

Bitcoin casinos however, have payout percentages that are previously unseen in the industry, with some even returning up to 99% of the amount wagered to players. 

Thanks to Provably Fair gaming we as gamblers actually have a chance to leave the Casino without empty pockets!

Almost all of the games offered at Bitcoin casinos are above or close to the 97% payout rate! This gives players the best chance by far to hit it big and make some money, while giving them the best chance to stay in the action for the longest amount of time. If you’re a hardcore casino gambler who wants the best bang for his buck, then make sure that you start playing at a Bitcoin casino!

What Games Do Bitcoin Casinos Offer?

Any game that you can find in a standard fiat online casino, you will be able to find at a Bitcoin casino. With so many games on offer and plenty of bonuses and additional features that Bitcoin casinos can afford to give to their players, it’s no surprise to see many turning to Bitcoin casino games.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional table games, such as blackjack, poker or baccarat, or you’re looking to take a spin on the slot machines, one of the Top Online Bitcoin Casinos will have you covered. While slot machines were originally in short supply on Bitcoin casinos, they are now beginning to be found in abundance, meaning you have an excellent selection of games to choose from if you make the switch to Bitcoin casinos.

The Rewards & Bonuses Offered By Bitcoin Casinos

Because Bitcoin casinos are generally cheaper to run, they can offer more bonuses than a fiat online casino, meaning the players are rewarded even more. Many Bitcoin casinos offer no deposit bonuses to their players and regular rewards after this too. You’re able to deposit and cash out immediately with Bitcoin casinos, and with the majority of bonuses not having a catch of depositing a certain amount before you’re allowed to withdraw, Bitcoin casinos really are the perfect place for a gambling enthusiast.

No Registration Bitcoin Casinos

One of the biggest benefits of Bitcoin casinos is that they are wholly anonymous. Because of this, many Bitcoin casinos on the market offer a no registration experience for their players, meaning you can place your bets without having to sign up or give over any of your information – not even an email address! You can gamble and bet just as you would at a standard online casino, but you have the opportunity to deposit your Bitcoins and withdraw your winnings without any form of signing up. You can try some of the most popular Bitcoin casino games for free on our site here at Bitcoin Casino Pro, before you make the decision to place a deposit.

Anonymous Registration At Bitcoin Casinos

If you find that you prefer a site where you do have to have some form of registration, you will discover that almost any Bitcoin casino will offer a totally anonymous registration process. At a fiat online casino, you will generally have to send over forms of identification such as a copy of your driving license, utility bill or other form of private data. However with a Bitcoin casino, the only information you may have to provide upon registration is an email address. Then you can play hundreds of Bitcoin games and enjoy your time gambling, totally anonymously.

Fiat Gambling Sites That Accept Bitcoin

On the market, some fiat online gambling sites do offer some Bitcoin options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. However, these are generally quite rare, and more often than not, signing up is easy and somewhat transparent. Fiat casinos that accept Bitcoin are quite unlike true Bitcoin casinos as they will ask you to provide some more information such as country of residence, date of birth, and your full name. However, this is a lot less than what a regular online casino would request when it comes to signing up. As you can see, Bitcoin casinos are the more anonymous types of online casinos, which automatically makes them safer when it comes to data breaches and privacy.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Fair?

Bitcoin casinos offer a range of provably fair technology, making it impossible for the player or for the casino to cheat in a game. Here at Bitcoin Casino Pro, we have tested and certified a number of Bitcoin casinos in order to ensure that all of the sites are as fair as possible. Transparent gambling is important to a lot of players, and provably fair Bitcoin casinos are the perfect example of where online gambling is likely to go in the future. There are a number of impressive methods to be able to do this.

Firstly, Bitcoin casinos that are provably fair will use a function known as a cryptographic hash, which is an algorithm to ensure that neither the operator nor the player will never know how a deck will be shuffled, until after it is dealt. On top of this, gamblers are able to cut the decks themselves. Similar features can be found in a number of non-card games such as roulette, craps and slots. We have provided a range of Bitcoin casino provably fair verification tools to help you to know whether or not your Bitcasino game is provably fair.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Regulated & Licensed?

Where Bitcoin is a crypto currency and therefore decentralized, many people were originally concerned that Bitcoin casinos were not regulated and licensed. However, new regulations put in place to protect customers have ensure that licensed Bitcoin casino sites are safe for customers to use. In addition to this, Bitcoin casinos do not require any personal documentation or private information, meaning consumers are probably more protected when playing at a Bitcoin casino than they would be at a regular online casino.

Is Bitcoin A Secure Crypto Currency?

Bitcoin has proven itself to be volatile, but also resilient over the last few years, having been declared dead numerous times. However, one thing that people have questioned is how secure Bitcoin actually is as a crypto currency. This decentraliZed currency’s security lies in the transaction blockchain.

As Bitcoins are stored in wallets, those who are looking to spend the Bitcoins will have to verify that they are the owner of the wallet through a private key. Wallets can be stored either locally online, but you can also store them offline if you want to keep your Bitcoins as secure as possible. These are known as hardware wallets, and these are protected in a microcontroller and are therefore immune to things like hacking software and viruses. The protocol of Bitcoin is generally one of the safest, as long as you keep your private key inaccessible to others around you when handling and storing your Bitcoins.

What Is The Future Of Bitcoin Casinos?

With the casino market being the most competitive in iGaming, it is interesting to see how Bitcoin casinos fit into the industry. There are a number of Bitcoin casinos available on the market, which you can see from our ranked list of Bitcoin casinos, meaning the market is growing massively over a number of years. Bitcoin casinos offer worldwide access unlike some standard online casinos that are faced with jurisdiction and legislative problems.

In addition to this, player safety and fair play is also ensured at Bitcoin casinos unlike regular casinos, due to the various provably fair protocols and other features that are implemented. This is leading to a number of online casino players making the switch to Bitcoin casinos, and they are very quickly beginning to pave the way to an online gambling revolution. With exceptionally fast deposits and withdrawals, and the addition of complete anonymity, it is likely that we will see the Bitcoin casino industry begin to boom in the very near future.

How To Choose The Best Bitcoin Casino

Finding the best Bitcoin casino is often a matter of personal preference, but with this you can choose the Bitcoin casinos that offer the games that you love, some of the best bonuses on offer, and a truly safe, secure and fair experience at all times.

Our team at Top Online Bitcoin Casinos has independently tested each Bitcoin casino on the market and provided you with a range of Bitcoin gambling reviews, meaning you are able to see the rankings of each casino. You can use these rankings to help determine which Bitcoin casino to try out first, particularly if you’re new to Bitcoin gambling.

On Top of this, we have also tested, reviewed and ranked the Top Affiliate Programs which can be a great way to earn some additional income. Several of these Top Affiliate Programs pay out for life and are a great way to earn some additional money while you’re playing.

Sports Betting




Bitcoin bookmakers are revolutionizing the world of sports betting. Many of the bitcoin sportsbooks featured on this website allow you to create anonymous accounts and wager from any part of the United States.

Thanks to bitcoin, these sportsbooks can process your deposits and withdrawals instantly, so you no longer need to wait weeks for a payout.  Banking is also completely free, which means you’ll have more money in your player account.  Bitcoin sports betting sites allow you to wager on every major league in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia, including the NFL, NBA, AFL and the English Premier League

See The List of the Top Bitcoin Sportsbooks

See The Top Bitcoin Casino Rankings

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What to Know Tron’s BitTorrent Token Airdrop This Week



The first thing to know about the BitTorrent Token (BTT) airdrop is that it’s not just a one-off event.

This first one begins a series of monthly airdrops that will run until February 2025.

There are 990 billion BTT tokens created on the Tron blockchain. Of those, 10.1 percent have been designated for airdrops to TRX holders over the next six years, starting on Monday. Furthermore, the monthly airdrop will get bigger as time goes on, increasing once every February.

“Think of Tron and BitTorrent like a razor and a blade,” Justin Sun, founder of Tron and CEO of BitTorrent, told CoinDesk via a spokesperson. “You need both together to create a new internet economy driven by decentralization. We are seeding BTT to deliver a marketplace of innovations and applications across the web.”

When the Tron blockchain reaches a block height of 6.6 million, the team will take a snapshot of TRX balances and split up the first airdrop proportionally to all TRX holders. The first 12 airdrops will each distribute 990 million BTT tokens. Holders of one TRX will receive 0.11 BTT next week, according to Binance.

Currently ranked the eighth largest blockchain by market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap, Tron is currently worth $1.75 billion as of this writing. That’s down in value compared to when the ERC-20 version of TRX migrated to Tron’s standalone blockchain, which then stood at $3 billion.

Last June, Tron acquired BitTorrent, one of the oldest decentralized protocols on the internet. Then it announced it would create a new token called BTT for use with its file-sharing services. The public sale for that token sold out almost instantly, much like early sales during the initial coin offering (ICO) craze.

Is BTT safu?

Though Binance has been communicating all the information about the BTT distribution, users don’t need to hold their tokens on the exchange to receive the free tokens.

Two wallets that were featured at niTROn Summit 2019 have confirmed that their users are all set to receive airdrops of TRC-10 tokens (the standard used to create BTT). Tron Wallet and Trust Wallet have both confirmed that they are ready to support the airdrop, as have exchanges Binance, OKEx and Huobi.

“We support TRX, TRC-10 tokens, and if you control your keys, you will get an airdrop of BTT,” Viktor Radchenko of Trust Wallet confirmed to CoinDesk over Telegram. We previously spoke to Rachenko when non-fungible tokens were the hot topic in crypto.

“There’s not anything left to do,” Fred Terenas, who runs business development for Tron Wallet, told CoinDesk, adding that his team is still getting that question endlessly.

Terenas has noticed one action advanced users are taking to get ready.

With the forthcoming initial BTT airdrop, he said, holders of other TRC-10 tokens are moving to TRX to get the free BTT. “Some people go out and get rid of whatever they have to get the airdrop,” he said. This has led to short-term price drops for TRC-10 tokens, though Terenas expects many users to return to their original holdings after they receive some BTT.

Planned chaos

This dynamic, however, could play out each month. Such movements to and from TRX will make for an interesting ongoing experiment.

With its long airdrop plan for BTT, Sun’s Tron has positioned TRX as the proverbial gift that keeps on giving.

The total monthly airdrop will increase five times over the next few years, ending at 1,402,500,000 BTT per month in February 2025.

That said, if this is a strategy by Tron to encourage its supporters to HODL, Turing Advisory’s token economics expert, Siddhartha Kalla, doesn’t see it working.

“In general, the price of a token can drop much more than what the airdrops are worth,” he said, “so this should not be seen as a ‘long-term hold’ strategy for TRX holders, going by the history of airdrops in the space.”

Kalla does foresee advantages for Tron’s partner, Binance, however.

“One thing that jumps out is the set date on which the balances are eligible for the airdrop. This is bound to increase volatility and trading volume around this date, which is likely good for Binance,” Kalla noted, while acknowledging he couldn’t be sure:

“There is not too much precedent here with a long airdrop.”

Binance did not reply to a request for comment.

Justin Sun speaks at niTROn Summit 2019 in San Francisco. (Photo by Brady Dale for CoinDesk)

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Anbi (ABB)



What is Anbi?

Thank you, Yuki, for letting me know about the free tokens! Anbi is a worldwide cryptocurrency platform born in and operating out of Singapore. Some of the most prominent features include an around-the-clock scanning system that ensures users are secure 24/7/365 and the latest AI techs. Their financial system is compliant with bank-level operational requirements which is able to handle 100,000 concurrent transactions. There are a plethora of qualities that make this project a very likely candidate for becoming one of the leading exchanges in the world of cryptocurrency today. Key features:

1. Multi-sig

The multi-signature tech allows increasing users’ security by requiring several members of the team sign off on transactions. And this reduces the likelihood of one hacker gaining access to your private data. Even better: The multi-signature access is also offline, which makes it even more secure.

2. Great security team

Anbi employs a global security team of the highest standard. These people who provide around the clock monitoring and protection. Using only the best professionals allows Anbi to provide the most secure and effective service possible.

3. Standards of quality

Their financial practices comply with the requirements for a bank-level trading system, which means it is verified, safe, and reliable, officially.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The latest AI technology enables Anbi to provide improved and enhanced service with significant advantages compared to the competition. Artificial Intelligence-based 24-hour support means never having to wait again, no geographical boundaries, and a wealth of other bonuses, like the free cryptocurrency airdrop (below). New users can get free ABB tokens on registration.

ABB tokens by Anbi

The company uses an equity certificate, which forms the cornerstone of its community and the Anbi ecosystem in general. An ABB token holder has a voice in the decision-making process, income distribution privileges, super-node, and election rights as well as many others. Anbi will aim to make the ABB token even more versatile by providing more application scenarios in the time to come.

How to get free ABB tokens?

With regards to the ABB airdrop, Anbi provides 50 free ABB tokens for all users who passed registration. Their KYC/AML checks include completing ID card/passport verification in order to be able to make withdrawals. And there’s even a video… That’s a lot of work. But it may be worth it!

So you’ll have to register on their site and then fill out the form in the Verification tab. To be honest, I had a bit of trouble with the English version of their website, which kept loading and loading…

Invitations are highly encouraged and rewarded, too. The invitations have to be approved by users who have completed their identity checks. And once that is done, you will get rewards of 30 free ABB tokens, plus a percentage from the transactions fees of the invitees (up to 5%). There is no upper limit on the number of users invite and consequently no maximum on the income and rewards from invitations.

Furthermore, the most active users who have the most invitations on their record will be whitelisted for the upcoming event called “Genesis Mining”. Top 1000 users will qualify! So share your link with all your family and friends.

Finally, Anbi promises that users who have passed KYC will be granted up to 0.1 Bitcoin the round 2 of this airdrop.

Midas’ touch

DYOR. NEVER share your private keys for a coin airdrop! And to make sure you receive your free tokens from the crypto airdrop, NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, I recommend using Trezor wallet.


Anbi (ABB)

Anbi Airdrop

31 days left

8.4 Total Score

We’ve reviewed hundreds of cryptocurrency airdrop since this airdrop alert site is live. And here’s our take on this crypto airdrop. With a score below 5, you may never receive free tokens. But if it’s above 8, you’ll definitely get your free cryptocoins!



White Paper


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Airdrops et DOSNetwork un token à découvrir –


on et DOSNetwork
C’est en navigant sur le net que j’ai découvert leur project.
DOS est un réseau de services Oracle décentralisés, agissant uniquement ent fournissant une chaîne en temps réel, ainsi que des solutions de calcul en temps réel à plusieurs chaînes de blocs.

C’est en permettant à Ðapps d’extraire des données externes et d’exécuter des calculs complexes de manière sécurisée et efficace via un puissant réseau décentralisé, ce qui incitaera de plus en plus l’utilisation à apparaître dans la blockchain.

Le réseau DOS est répertorié sur Coinmarketcap.

Dynamique, bien monté, je suis convaincu que nous en reparleront dns les prochaines années.

Je vous invite a les visiter. and DOSNetwork

TheCryptoReport team

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1confirmation, Canaan Partners Back Startup Pushing New Spin on Airdrops



A startup offering a new twist on token airdrops has raised $2 million from a group of notable investors, CoinDesk has learned.

The investment in governance startup Commonwealth was led by 1confirmation, Canaan Partners and former Polychain partner Ryan Zurrer.

Commonwealth’s new distribution approach, called a “lockdrop,” looks to maintain the high levels of interest that airdrops inspire, while adding a hurdle meant to attract the right investors.

As Commonwealth co-founder Dillon Chen explained to CoinDesk in an email:

“Early active community members matter a lot. They create norms.”

With companies such as OpenSea, BloxRoute, Coinbase and Veil in its portfolio, 1confirmation is a familiar name in crypto, but Canaan is newer.

Founded in 1987, Canaan made successful investments in Web 2.0 breakouts including, LendingClub and Kabam. Prior to this blockchain announcement, gaming startup Forte and scaling project Skale Labs were Canaan’s only other crypto-related investments.

With Commonwealth, these investors are betting that innovations in governance will differentiate blockchain investments going forward. People care more about something if they pay for it. But if they have to pay too much, one could also exclude potentially valuable community members.

To attain that influx of community interest, but dissuade those that just want crypto candy, Commonwealth came up with a new spin on the airdrop called a “lockdrop” for its EDG token, a governance and utility token for its first product, Edgeware.

“Ethereum holders can participate in the lockdrop, they will be helping to provide security on a new network, kind of like a sidechain,” Chen told CoinDesk.

Edgeware will be a network built to serve as the smart contract layer for Polkadot, a project of the ethereum startup Parity. Best known as the project that lost over $150 million worth of ether, Polkadot intends to bring interoperability to the world’s blockchains.

Edgeware will make it possible to bring smart-contract functionality to that network while running alongside it (on what Polkadot refers to as a parachain).

“I’m backing Edgeware because I’m really excited about crypto-governance,” Zurrer, currently the director of the Web3 Foundation, told CoinDesk in an email.

How it works

The genesis block of Edgeware will create 5 billion EDG tokens, 90 percent of which will be distributed to participants in the lockdrop. After that, new tokens will be emitted at a fixed rate with each block.

To get EDG, users will need to hold ether. The amount of EDG they get will depend on how much they have and how long they decide to hold it.

“The lockdrop represents a novel way for people to get involved at very low opportunity cost,” Zurrer told CoinDesk. “Since you get your ETH back at the end of your lock-up, you can obtain EDG and experiment in this new community without sacrificing your plans for your Ether.”

Users have four options: they can lock up for three months, six months or a year. They can also just signal the chain from their wallet, but that’s by far the least lucrative.

So, a user with one ETH that locks for three months will get one share, six months gets 1.1 shares and a year gets 1.4. Signaling the smart contract only earns 0.6 shares and there’s a delay – the signal option won’t be paid out for a year after network launch, whereas all those who actually locked will get EDG as soon as Edgeware goes live.

An example: Let’s imagine that instead of 5 billion tokens there will be 500. And let’s imagine only four people take part, each choosing a different option with 10 ETH each. That would mean one had six shares, another had 10, another had 11 and the last had 14.

So, in this example, at network launch, the person who locked for three months would get 121.95 EDG. The person who locked for six months would get 134.146 EDG. The person who went for a year would get 170.73 EDG. A year after launch, the person who had only signaled would get 73.17 EDG.

But if instead of four people there were 40, with the same amount of ETH each and the same distribution, then each person would get only a tenth of the EDG as that shown in the example above.

It’s impossible to know at this point how many people will participate and how many will join at which level, but the point here is to give interested ETH holders a hurdle to their free tokens – but not too much of a hurdle.

“We think asking people to do the lockdrop can get us those early active community members,” Commonwealth’s Chen wrote.

The lockdrop will open on June 1 and potential participants will have until June 15 to choose their level of participation. Chen tells us that the blockchain should go live right after the contract closes, meaning that those in the lockdrop won’t need to wait to claim their new tokens.

“This will be very interesting, and I’m sure more novel mechanisms will emerge from this project that are beneficial to the whole industry,” Zurrer wrote.

Built to rule

Edgeware is also ready-made for crypto’s inevitable controversies.

Once live, it will come with a native voting mechanism so that no one will need to build a solution when a major controversy arises (as the ethereum community had to do after the DAO was hacked).

“It solves the problem of an insecure vote,” Chen wrote.

Following launch, Commonwealth looks forward to several new projects built around Edgeware, including creating an encrypted email platform that sends between various blockchain addresses, an anonymous voting system, becoming a Polkadot parachain and facilitating decentralized autonomous organizations.

“We think Edgeware is complementary to both Ethereum and Polkadot,” Chen wrote, adding:

“The goal is to serve a more progressive segment of developers through WebAssembly contracts and instant finality. “

Photo of 1confirmation founder Nick Tomaino at Token Summit II via CoinDesk archives

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BitValve (BTV)



What is BitValve?

I heard from this project from Konstantinos, a few months ago. So it’s not fresh news, sorry about that – I missed the email at the time. But their crypto-airdrop campaign is still kicking. And you should definitely claim your free tokens now.

BitValve will create a P2P exchange platform, with key advantages that will change the way people trade Peer to Peer. First of all, they’ll implement all the advantages of the current exchanges. And they’ll address the disadvantages that keep the market from reaching its full potential. Their platform will cater to not only professional traders, but also regular users. People who just want a quick, cheap and efficient way to exchange their coins for fiat or other cryptos.

BTV tokens by BitVlave

The BitValve tokens will be created on the ethereum platform and follow the ERC-20 protocol. As a reminder, the ERC-20 protocol is widely used by blockchain developers across the world. And it includes all the rules which these tokens will follow. I’ve listed quite a few cryptocurrency airdrops on the ethereum blockchain on this site.

The ticker of this utility token is BTV. And the total supply will be 20,000,000 BTV tokens. The holders will be able to use the BTV tokens to pay the exchange fees on the platform. And they will also be able to trade them on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to get the free BTV tokens?

To join the BitValve Airdrop, you need to visit this page and fill out the form. There are only 5 fields: Telegram username, ERC20-compatible wallet address, BitcoinTalk username, proof of authentification and username edited. So it won’t take too long!

But you need to complete a few more actions to be eligible for the free BTV tokens. You need to join their Telegram group to get 1 stake. And you can add to your profile this sentence until the end of Bounty: “SUPPORTER OF BITVALVE.COM – THE FUTURE OF P2P CRYPTO EXCHANGE”. This is optional. But you’ll get 1 more stake.

Finally, you need to publish a proof of authentication in their Bounty thread. You can use the following template if you’re not sure what to do:

Proof of Authentication & Campaign Telegram:

Telegram username: @sample

And that’s it. You can get your free BTV tokens.

I’d recommend you to check their bounty thread, where you can find other actions to earn more tokens. And the more actions you complete, the more stakes you collect. At the end of the BTV airdrop, they’ll convert your stakes into BTV tokens.

Midas’ touch

DYOR. NEVER share your private keys for a coin airdrop! And to make sure you receive your tokens from the crypto airdrop, NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, I recommend using Trezor wallet.


BitValve (BTV)

21 days left

8.8 Total Score

We’ve reviewed hundreds of cryptocurrency airdrops since this airdrop alert site is live. And here’s our take on this crypto airdrop. With a score below 5, you may never receive your tokens. But if it’s above 8, you’ll definitely get your free cryptocoins!



White Paper


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