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Three Arrows Capital Twitter Poll Reveals Investors Bullish Sentiment Towards ETH, Not BCH





As per a recent poll carried out by Three Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu to determine which alt-asset (BCH or ETH) crypto enthusiasts would invest in if given $10,000, an overwhelming majority of the respondents stated that they would much rather spend their money on Ether than Bitcoin Cash.

More On The Matter

Many of our regular readers may remember that a couple of years back, crypto savant and owner of Roger Ver predicted that Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) overall value would surpass that of Ethereum (ETH) by 2018.

Additionally, it is also worth pointing out that despite being faced with insane bearish pressure all through last year, Bitcoin Cash’s performance during the first five months of 2019 has been extremely impressive. For example, since December 2018, the premier crypto asset’s value has increased five times over — with the altcoin currently trading around the $285 mark.

As per a number of experts associated with this field, this spike in value can be attributed to the resurgence of Bitcoin as well as the entry of Bitcoin Cash-based derivatives into the market.

Lastly, data procured from Crypto Facilities (CF) indicates that BCH contracts worth $50 million have so far been closed. In regards to this development, Sui Chung, CF’s Head of Indices and Pricing Products was quoted as saying:

“We began to onboard Kraken users … [and] that’s basically given us better exposure to the communities around Litecoin and Bitcoin cash, and I think what we’re seeing is those communities have a pretty strong interest in trading derivatives for Litecoin and Bitcoin cash, respectively. The volumes have gone up pretty appreciably”.

Other Key Data Worth Pointing Out

  • At press time, Ethereum is the second largest crypto commodity in the world (in terms of total market capitalization).
  • Owing to its amazing framework, a number of developers still view the Ether platform as the go-to network for their smart contract development activities.
  • ETH has been surging over the course of the past 48-72 hours, as a result of which many experts believe the asset will break past its $200 resistance line in the coming few days.

Final Take

In closing out this piece, it should be pointed out that when compared to ETH, BCHs technical capabilities look quite ordinary since the project is essentially a fork of BTC that is designed to help improve the currency’s native tx throughput.

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