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The US SEC Will be Paying its ‘Financial Analyst Cryptocurrencies’ a Salary of Nearly $240,000 USD




As per a job listing posted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) earlier this month, the government agency is looking to “bolster its crypto department” by bringing onboard a dedicated financial analyst for all matters pertaining to alt-coins and digital assets.

According to the listing, the analyst is required to possess a number of niche’ skills that will allow him/her to help the SEC in a number of unique ways. In this regard, the post reads as follows:

“The Crypto Specialist provides expertise and coordinates TM activities regarding crypto and digital asset securities. Duties include coordination with Division staff to establish a comprehensive plan to address crypto and digital asset securities; engage with other Divisions and Offices on such matters; serve as the Division’s point of contact for domestic and international regulators, market participants, and the public; provide expert level comment on policy and workstreams.”

Other Details Regarding The Job Worth Noting

  • From a financial standpoint, the aforementioned job profile will compensate for the successful applicant with a salary of around $144,850-$238,787 per annum.
  • As mentioned earlier, the analyst is required to possess an “expert-level grasp of cryptocurrency products, policy, and legal matters”. At the same time, he/she is also required to possess a good understanding of federal securities laws pertaining to digital assets and crypto businesses.

Final Take

In closing out this piece, it should be pointed out that once a person is shortlisted for the role, he/she will have to undergo a “pre-employment security investigation” that will be carried out to ascertain whether the individual has a clean legal past or not.

Last but not least, the job may also require the applicant to

“complete a one-year probationary period ” as well as face a number of “drug testing requirements.”

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