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Bitcoin News partners with Bitsdaq exchange for crypto debit cards


on, a cryptocurrency wallet, and payment application, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Bitsdaq. The collaboration will provide Bitsdaq users a service directly linked to a Spend Visa Card that can be used anywhere Visa, Apple Pay, and Google Pay is accepted.

Bitsdaq verified users will be able to link their Spend Visa Card directly to their Apple Wallet and/or Google Pay Wallet, or have the choice to immediately get issued a virtual card that can be used instantly at any merchant that accepts Visa online. Additionally, verified users have the option to order a physical card that would be mailed to their home address.

“This partnership will combine the strengths of Bitsdaq’s exchange infrastructure including user resource, cutting edge tech on blockchain and industrial scale production capacity worldwide especially in Asia, with’s multiple currency support, secure storage, team and its deep experience in the financing space. All of the hard work happens behind the scenes, giving a seamless user experience.”

Ricky Ng, the founder and CEO of Bitsdaq

“Crypto enthusiasts and users are now very excited about the new possibilities that this card provides to Bitsdaq users. Bitsdaq has more than 2 million active users right now. With the Spend Card, Bitsdaq users can buy and sell 16+ supported digital currencies in the market with their bank accounts. In addition, the Spend App is now integrated and compatible with both Apple Pay and Google Pay, available on iPhone, Samsung, and other Android devices. That means the collaboration between and Bitsdaq allows users the option to llink their Spend Card to their Apple Wallet.”

Bryan Woods, the President of

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