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Saifu enables cryptocurrency payments with Tangem’s hardware wallet



Saifu, a licensed payment service provider, announced today that they teamed up with cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer, Tangem. The joint offering of Tangem and Saifu will give customers an opportunity to use crypto payments as easily as fiat ones.

As a licensed financial institution providing online banking as a service (PSP in Europe + API in the UK), Saifu allows clients to make transactions in digital assets in a conventional way with no additional fees, thus making crypto payments as convenient and available as fiat.

Tangem, a Swiss technology company, manufactures a hardware wallet as an NFC smartcard which allows users to physically distribute and store cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Through blockchain technology, the decentralized data is stored securely and is forgery-proof. A user-friendly app allows easy and fast access to the data from a smartphone.

Tangem delivers bank-grade security to the cryptocurrency world, ensuring that the cryptographic keys cryptocurrencies depend on, are created, managed and stored most securely.

Alexander Legoshin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Co-Founder Saifu, says:

“Tangem users will get an easy, secure and compliant platform. With a Saifu account, you can easily use, exchange and safely store fiat and cryptocurrencies. Saifu offers a one-stop shop for all financial services needed by merchants that accept cryptocurrencies. Tangem hardware wallet is an important tool to promote the mass adoption of digital assets and blockchain. It is the next big step to bring blockchain to people’s everyday life”

“Tangem cardholders will get full transactional banking functionality with competitive exchange rates in the long run. We plan that next year we will be in a position to improve efficiency and provide a debit card and hardware crypto wallet all-in-one, that could be carried and spent by customers.”

In the next two years, Tangem and Saifu plan to complete crypto acquiring for merchants in the EU and furthermore, this solution will soon be expanded to Asian markets and North/South America.

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