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Russia’s Moscow to Make Its Own Blockchain System To Achieve More Transparency in City Admin Services



Russia is not very well-known for its transparency, so the city of Moscow is trying to make a move in the opposite direction. The Information Technologies Department of the city has decided to hire a company to create blockchain-based systems for the city. According to the city, the cost of the new system will be around $860,000 USD.

This new platform will have several types of services, such as the issuance of documents of different types. Documents related to property and farming will be issued this way. The blockchain system will use a proof of authority consensus and will hold at least 1.5 people online at the same time.

According to the government of Moscow, creating the platform won’t take too long. The project is expected to be completed in 60 days. After that, Moscow is hoping to get a boost in the transparency of electronic services.

Reports indicate that the platform will possibly be integrated into other blockchains as well and become interoperable with them. Systems like one that was created to let citizens vote could be integrated, for example.

This system, called Active Citizen, is used to vote on several city topics such as street decorations and city events. Active Citizen was created back in 2017 and it was used to vote several times so far.

In the near future, the system is also set to be used in the city’s legislative elections. 6% of the voters in the city will be able to use the system to vote on the candidates that they want.

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