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Roger Ver launches Bitcoin Cash competitor to LocalBitcoins


on, a peer-to-peer trading platform competing with BTC-based LocalBitcoins, is now live and letting users buy and sell bitcoin cash anywhere in the world.

An OTC marketplace for BCH decided to launch the over-the-counter trading platform on June 4 in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests. The firm plans to challenge alternative peer-to-peer marketplaces by providing its users with a wide range of advantages.

Roger Ver, CEO of, explains that his main focus was to create an exchange platform that allows its users to keep their personal details private while engaging in peer-to-peer trading.

“Privacy is important to everyone. But, all too often, platforms ask you to share every single detail about yourself before they even let you create an account. It’s off-putting and, ultimately, it goes against the grain of being permissionless.”

In users can sign up without sharing their private information since no KYC is required. “[People] can sign up and start trading right away with zero questions asked by us since we are never a party to the trade,” Ver added.

The platform’s fee structure is simple as it will only charge 0.25 percent for makers and 0.75 percent for takers. Meanwhile, its main competitor,, charges a 1 percent fee. The new OTC marketplace also offers an affiliate program that lets users earn 20 percent of future trading fees associated with the referral accounts.

“ is a game changer for not only for cryptocurrency trading, but for global trade as well,” said Ver.

Over 7,500 accounts had already been created and there are more than 2,000 active offers on the platform since it launched. revealed that most of the signups are coming from the United States, Nigeria, Indonesia, and the Philippines. So far, the preferred choice of payment has been bank transfers and in-person cash trades.

By launching, the team wants to make bitcoin cash more accessible globally.

“We believe that [bitcoin cash] has the means to provide every global citizen with economic freedom, helping liberate them from the confines of the current manipulated economies people are forced to live with today.”

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Ali Martinez

After Ali began forex trading in 2012 In 2014, he came across Bitcoin’s whitepaper and was so fascinated by the idea of a decentralized, borderless, and censorship-resistant currency that he started buying Bitcoin. By 2015, he started traveling to spread the word about Bitcoin.

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