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Ripple’s Co-Founder Arthur Britto Continues Working for Ripple Labs As An Advisor



Ripple’s Co-Founder Arthur Britto Continues Working for Ripple Labs As An Advisor

Arthur Britto, one of the co-founders or Ripple, has been always hidden from the general public. There are no known pictures about him and he left the company without a clear explanation. In a recent report, The Block was able to confirm his identity and that he still works for Ripple Labs as an advisor.

Arthur Britto Keeps Woking For Ripple

There are several cryptocurrency enthusiasts that have decided to remain anonymous, even when they have been part of high-quality projects such as Ripple. One of these individuals is Arthur Britto, who co-founded Ripple. Nonetheless, he had always a very low profile. He has never been photographed, interviewed or he never participated in public forums.

As the news story explains, Britto wants to remain private and does not care about fame as other experts or influencers. Although he has been working for Ripple, the firm accepted that he wanted to remain anonymous and the company respects its privacy.

After several conspiracy theories, the crypto media outlet confirms that he exists and that there are Ripple employees confirming that he is real. According to Alan Safahi, a former advisor to Ripple said that he met with him and that he is a very smart person.

A spokesperson for Ripple said that he is an introvert and super private individual. And indeed, Britto has never uploaded an image of himself. Although people believe that he is not working for Ripple anymore and that he left the company, he remains associated with Ripple Labs as an advisor.

This shows that there are many persons that want to remain anonymous in a world in which privacy is at stake at all times. Although he has been working in one of the most important companies in the cryptocurrency market, he was able to take care of his privacy in an exceptional way.

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