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Ripple Powered MoneyTap Receives TRUSTe “Personal Info Protection & Authentication” Certification



  • The certification ensures the company properly managing the personal information

Ripple-powered MoneyTap has obtained TRUSTe certification from the Japan Privacy Certification Organization, announced the leading banking partner of Ripple, SBI Holdings on Sept. 17.

TRUSTe is a personal information protection and authentication standard that is used worldwide.

This personal information protection third-party certification program was first introduced in the US in 1997 for the development of the Internet and has been adopted by companies around the world as a unified standard.

To obtain this certification, companies that applied for the same are examined for compliance with standards before granting the certification that they are properly managing the personal information and permitted to post the mark on authorized websites and apps.

“MoneyTap will continue to protect personal information and improve services so that customers can use it with peace of mind, provide financial services with high customer benefits, and develop new industries and reduce social costs through cashlessness,”

reads the rough translation of the announcement.

Launched in the fall of last year, MoneyTap leverages Ripple’s xCurrent to enable domestic bank-to-bank remittance services.

At the beginning of this month, MoneyTap added four new banks to its long list of partners that took the total tally to 29 banks.

Meanwhile, Ripple’s digital asset XRP is currently down by 9.50 percent while trading at $0.29, after jumping to $0.316 on Sept. 18 from the low of $0.25 last week, as per Coincodex.

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