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QLC Chain partners with Opacity to enhance privacy management DApp



QLC Chain, a public chain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) and Opacity, a private encrypted file storage system powered by crypto, today announced a partnership will enhance the QLC ecosystem with storage services in communication applications.

The partnership has two features:

  • First, the two teams will explore layer-2 storage solutions based on QLC Chain. In next-generation network applications, storage is a critical feature that requires security, privacy, and speed which Opacity can provide.
  • Second, QLC Chain’s new consumer-oriented product, Confidant, will adopt Opacity as backup storage with a lower storage cost and equally optimal privacy protection mechanism.

Confidant is the privacy management platform developed by the QLC team, with a unique and privacy-focused account system. Confidant, a combined hardware and software solution, facilitates communications and file sharing in a decentralized manner. Every user’s digital activities, contacts, content remain encrypted with his/her own private key.

Opacity is launching its main platform Opacity 1.0 on June 5th. Prior to launch, Opacity will give 200 users who hold QLC token a free 128GB subscription for a year of zero-knowledge private storage with Opacity.

QLC Chain will also give 5 of its protocol token QLC to 200 Opacity community members, so they can experience the soon to be launched staking-process and receive Q-Gas. Q-Gas is the fuel token used in the QLC ecosystem which carriers and enterprises will consume when using telecom billing and clearance services.

To celebrate the partnership, QLC Chain offers $20 USD coupons for purchasing the Confidant. The promotional code “QLC+OPQ” is valid from June 1st to July 1st.

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