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Puut Wallet Changes Brand Name and Corporate Identity to Paiblock



Puut Wallet changes Brand Name and Corporate Identity to Paiblock to highlight digitization, tokenization, and predictive analytics.

Press Release updated: Mar 25, 2020 10:00 CET

Puut Wallet announced today that it has changed its brand name and corporate identity from Puut Wallet to Paiblock. 

The new identity reflects what the company has always stood for, while moving the brand forward to acknowledge a broader range of services in digitization, tokenization, and predictive analytics. 

“We are changing our brand name and corporate identity from Puut Wallet to Paiblock,” says Mark Arthur, Founder and CEO of Puut Wallet, “The name change is designed to mirror the growth and transformation of our company,” Mr. Arthur continues. 

Puut Wallet was established in 2011, in Copenhagen, Denmark, to create a blockchain-based and AI-capable all-in-one digital wallet that allows consumers to get rid of their bulky wallets in a seamless, social and secure way. To this end, the company has partnered with businesses and governments, allowing them to tokenize and push a variety of personal identification media to anyone holding a digital wallet. This includes but not limited to, cash, digital cash, digital assets, payment cards, loyalty cards, keycards, social security cards, receipts, interactive eInvoices, social security card, driving license, eVisa, voter cards, residence permits and biometric passports. 

As a result of this effort, Puut Wallet has become a global brand, achieving a leading market position with a wide range of digital services used by 11 millions people in 104 countries. 

“Our business has undergone a tremendous transformation marked by the roll out of predictive analytics to banks, brands, and retail businesses, and we felt it was about time to revamp our branding,” concluded Mr. Arthur. 

In addition to supporting virtual wallets, open banking, and government IDs, Paiblock now offers a powerful set of AI tools that helps banks, brands and retail businesses leverage data to understand their customers in order to better serve them. 

The name change will not involve any modifications to the nature of the company, nor will it affect existing commercial relations with customers, partners, suppliers, financial management, contracts, personnel and/or shareholders. 

Source: Paiblock

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