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Peertracks | Blockchain Music Streaming Platform



Peertracks is a blockchain-powered beta music streaming platform. Like traditional streaming models (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play), listeners may stream music tracks from the platform. Peertracks uses blockchain technology to track and store the analytics of streams and to distribute royalty payments and tips to artists in real-time.

How does it work?

Peertracks allows ad-free streaming of full songs by registered artists, who earn RYLT tokens for plays of their work. Peertracks is built on the Soundac (XSD) blockchain, the music-specific cryptocurrency formerly known as MUSE.

Who pays?

Unlike the rest, Peertracks uses it’s own blockchain, SounDAC. SounDAC is a sort of ASCAP for digital streaming. According to this piece, “Copyright holders are paid out from SounDAC’s royalty pool. The pool distributes funds based on what users have been listening to on every SounDAC-connected streaming platform.” This means that anyone from digital streaming services and radio stations to hotels and on-hold music service providers who use SounDAC-registered artists are funding the payment of the artists on Peertracks.

What’s different about it?

SounDAC is a blockchain specifically designed to address the problem of unclaimed music royalties. Like Resonate, Choon and others, artists are able to split their revenue with co-creators during the submission process. However, analytics are real-time, allowing users more access to trending data than other platforms.

Who is it for?

The ‘EDM’ and ‘Dance’ and ‘Christian’ categories are the most populated, while ‘Jazz’ and ‘World’ are empty (for now).

Why check it out?

Peertracks has been percolating for the past 4 years, and in September 2018 launched their social media campaign. There are reasons to avoid any beta platform. Aside from the small catalog of artists, Peertracks will probably resonate with artists and fans who value hype-free transparency and the unsupervised discretion to choose their own music over the mass appeal of the summer hit parade.

How to submit your music

Not the easiest process. Artists must first create a ‘musername’ by logging in at Artists are then sent a spreadsheet to fill out including all royalty splits with co-artists (who should also have their own ‘musernames’.) Then, artists upload their music files to Dropbox or Google Drive and send the link to a Soundac email address with the subject line “New music files – @yourMuserName”. A little behind the times.

My Best Pick

Afrobeat songs covered on a violin? Sounds good! Check out Demi the Violinist.

Other similar platforms

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