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P2P Ether (ETH) marketplace LocalEthereum removes fee on cash trades



In response to the user dismay regarding LocalBitcoins removing the cash offer option, LocalEthereum, a P2P Ethereum (ETH) marketplace, announced it will remove fees on cash trades until July 1st.

Meeting in person is one of the oldest ways to exchange between crypto and fiat, and it remains one of the safest, as long as simple guidelines are followed. It’s incredibly rare for anything to go wrong. This is because cash, like ETH and Bitcoin, is irreversible.

When trading with cash, LocalEthereum recommends meeting in a public place such as a cafe. If safety is a greater concern within a certain area, try an international airport or bank branch — somewhere with cameras and security to keep safe.

Aside from in-person offers, LocalEthereum provides users more than 30 payment methods.

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