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Over 90% Loss in Revenue for Major Crypto Site CCN After Google’s New ‘Broad Core’ Algorithm Update



Google Update
  • Google’s new algorithm update has led to a dramatic drop in site traffic for leading crypto news media sites.
  • CCN, or CryptoCoinNews, which was founded in 2013, has been forced to shut down due to huge losses in revenue.

Google’s Update Leads to Huge Drop in Site Traffic for Crypto News Media Outlets

On June 3, 2019, search engine giant Google released a “broad core algorithm update” which included various changes to how websites may be ranked – depending on the type of content they provide.

Soon after the update went live, several leading cryptocurrency and blockchain news media websites experienced a significant drop in traffic. Notably, CCN, or CryptoCoinNews, which was established in 2013, saw a 71% drop in overall traffic from mobile users “overnight.” 

Available data from SEO analyzer Sistrix has revealed that major crypto news sites saw their visibility on Google drop dramatically. Because of site traffic dropping so low, blockchain-focused content sites are either being forced to downsize their operations or shut down completely.

According to CCN, which is one of the largest crypto sites, the “change by Google is directly having a significant impact” on them. In fact, the management at CCN claims their daily revenue is down by as much as 90%. Other major crypto news sites including Coindesk saw a 34.6% drop in its daily traffic according to data from Meanwhile, Cointelegraph, which is also one of the highest ranking bitcoin news sites, experienced a drop of around 21% in traffic from mobile users.

Here is a snapshot of popular SEO tools service Ahrefs showing CCN’s organic traffic value dropped by over $1,000,000 (estimations).

Non-Crypto Sites Also Take Big Hits

Interestingly, non-crypto content websites have also taken a big hit after Google’s latest algorithm went live. For instance, highly popular website, saw its visibility drop from 116.30 to 66.79, which is notably a decline of around 43%., another highly popular domain, experienced a 50% drop in its visibility after Google’s update was activated.

“Speculation and Theory”

According to Barry Schwarts from Search Engine Land:

“There is a lot of speculation floating around this drop in Google visibility for The Daily Mail’s website. People are speculating it has to do with the ads, the site speed, the content, the political slant, and so forth. Some are even speculating that someone posted using Jesus Mendez’s name in an effort to make the SEO Director of the Daily Mail look bad, along with his publication. Mail Online confirmed that Jesus Mendez did indeed write this post in the Google forums.”

Notably, even Google’s management has acknowledged they do not quite understand yet how the newly launched algorithm has managed to negatively affect so many content sites. As noted by the staff at CCN, all that can be done at this point is “guess, speculate, and experiment” for as long as websites can afford to do so.

As confirmed by Schwarts, early data,  from when Google first activated the update, shows that there were many websites which actually gained traffic while others experienced a major drop in the number of site visitors.

Schwarts wrote: “The Mirror, the Sun, the Metro and other UK online publications all gained according to Sistrix’s UK data. But when one site gains, it is possible for others to lose. Sistrix showed the Daily Mail losing 43% visibility in search.”

What to think of one of the top-trafficked websites in the crypto media space now exiting just a week after most recent Google search engine algorithm updates? Out of all the dozens and dozens of bitcoin publications available online, we are now in interesting times were the biggest and best need to show up and keep producing despite Google’s regular updates. In other news, which may at least shed some light after such a dimming effect this has had on all websites, including ours.

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