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NiceHash Miner upgrade released with support for X16Rv2 algorithm



NiceHash, a crypto-mining hash power broker, has announced that a new version of the NiceHash Miner software is now available for download via GitHub.

This version brings the following changes:

  • Added X16Rv2 algorithm
  • Fixed Debug Console
  • Fix AMD GCN4+ detection
  • Move per algorithm settings to Benchmarks page
  • Remove broken function profitability per GPU
  • Implemented AMD TDP settings
  • Unify NVIDIA and AMD TDP settings, SIMPLE, PERCENTAGE and RAW mode. Cannot set TDP higher than the factory default of the GPU (if you wish to set values higher than the default you should disable NHM TDP settings and use an external tool). Setting values that are out of range in PERCENTAGE or RAW mode will fall back to the nearest valid value (minimum or maximum).
  • Core improvements
  • Remove CCMinerMTP from the integrated list (not supported)
  • Fix supported Algorithms RAM requirements (GRIN31/cuckatoo) and increase drop support for dagger GPUs
  • Update plugin dependency VC Redist 2015-2019
  • Version of NHM is not compatible with external plugins with version lower than 3.0 -> Minimum major version is 3.
  • Dropped support of integrated miners
  • Miners can now be updated through Plugins form

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