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New Trend Network: Be Careful of This MMM Global Ponzi Reboot



New Trend Network

What Is New Trend Network?

New Trend Network describes itself as peer-to-peer network that is,

“here to revolutionize your lifestyle into a better one. A simple and clear pathway for you to end poverty and together with your peers enter the world of abundance and riches for you, family, and friends.”

Aside from being large claims, there are other factors that raise flags. Most importantly, those who visit the platform’s website will have a difficult time pinpointing who owns or runs the platform. Further, the main source of traffic seems to be Africa.

The platform also does not seem to have any specific products or services and merely runs on an affiliate structure in which the membership is the only marketable item. Affiliates are required to invest anywhere from $40 to $400 and are told they will receive an 80% rate of return per month. Affiliates are at the top of the structure and they are responsible for recruiting and generating teams. Essentially, it is a traditional MLM. There is also a membership fee for affiliates.

New Trend Network Conclusion

Overall, without insight as to who is behind the platform, what its products are, and what it actually does, there seems to be a great deal of reason to question its practices.

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