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LiquidApps Unleashes vCPU To Horizontally Scale Decentralized Applications (DApps)



A blockchain development company (LiquidApps) has come up with blockchain scalability for developers of decentralized applications.

This new service, known as vCPU, looks to boost blockchain process power in a horizontal direction in the market. It, therefore, includes producing more computing capability per action than the original blockchains. This is according to a release that was shared on Oct. 14 with Cointelegraph.

The firm says that the vertical scaling of the blockchain platform only creates a barrier for the potential miners to enter the market, and it also blocks producers. It is because to add more capacity, the validation of nodes is required.

Developers to Have More Powers

The VCPU program allows developers to have access to an abundant supply of decentralized computation. It is because it gives the DApp service providers distinct tasks such as perform processing and read on-chain requests. It also returns the outcome to the DApp that had made a request.

It compares them on chain to get rid of incorrect data while preventing collusion at the same time. A key feature with this new service is that it allows the DApps to select the degree of trustlessness that is most appropriate and preferable for the needs of a specific case.

LiquidApps has even given a list of examples that will apply the vCPU, and they include analyses of a criminal exhibit that are tamper-resistant and fair distribution of resources. It will also be used in the production of prediction models for any up-coming elections that are data-based.

How to Boost the Acceptance Rate

LiquidApps says

“building DApps that are indistinguishable from traditional applications in terms of usability and speed is a prerequisite to mass adoption of blockchain technology.”

Cointelegraph had earlier reported that whether a user is using the DApp or breaking from a walled garden, the experience ought to be inherent to gain massive adoption in the market.

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