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Kuvera Global Cryptocurrency Offerings Expand With FX One, Crypto One And Equities Pro





Kuvera Global Cryptocurrency?

Kuvera Global, according to its website, l is a platform that offers “more than just the expertise and tools to gain financial control in your life. We offer the ability to create more fulfilling lives, rich with meaningful experiences.”

However, there are those that are skeptical as to the platform’s operations. A recent MLM review alleges Kuvera Global has launched unregistered securities, which include FX One, Crypto One, Equities and Equities Pro, cryptocurrency mining, Apex, and a new tech startup investment service.

As the review explains, the Crypto One “appears to be a manual cryptocurrency trading signals service, however, it’s clearly marketed as a ‘dump money in this and collect a return’ product.” The cryptocurrency has the same price as FX One, which is $229 and then $149 per month.

In a presentation hosted by Roger Garth on YouTube, he pitches Crypto One, in part as “If you put just one thousand pounds into (Crypto One) this time last year, by now you’d be sitting on eighteen thousand pounds. That’s an astonishing return on investment.” This suggests that there is a 1000% return on investment for this cryptocurrency. Those who are skeptical probably should be.

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