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Kraken Offers Reward For Tips Leading To QuadrigaCX’s Missing Funds



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Whether you believe QuadrigaCX’s missing cold wallet funds were lost in the exchange’s attempt to trade its way out of losses suffered in 2017 (as Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong does), or that QuadrigaCX’s actual funds don’t match what the exchange has reported (like MyCrypto CEO Taylor Monahan), or that QuadrigaCX’s deceased founder and CEO Gerry Cotten isn’t really dead (like everyone hopes), it’s been difficult to get any kind of solid information surrounding the Canadian exchange’s famed lost funds.

Well, another cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, has offered its services in the search for QuadrigaCX’s cryptocurrency. Kraken announced yesterday, February 28, that it would reward $100,000 in crypto or fiat for the tip(s) that best lead to the discovery of QuadrigaCX’s missing $190 million in cryptocurrency. According to QuadrigaCX, its inaccessible funds include about 26,488 bitcoin, 11,378 bitcoin cash, 11,149 bitcoin cash SV, 35,230 bitcoin gold, 199,888 Litecoin, and 429,966 Ether.

Tips related to the missing funds can be sent to Kraken, which it says it will hand over to the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Kraken’s announcement also includes links to two podcasts that detail what is known about the QuadrigaCX story so far and what Kraken believes happened.

The announcement clarifies that Kraken may end the reward program at any point in time, and notes that rewards will not exceed $100,000. Kraken will itself decide which tips warrant a reward.

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