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Kadena integrates interoperable blockchain wallet Chainweaver onto Cosmos



Kadena, a blockchain technology company that fully launched its hybrid blockchain just a few days ago, has now announced the integration of its blockchain wallet app Chainweaver onto the Cosmos network. The integration is expected to be completed by the end of Q1.

Chainweaver is a multi-blockchain interoperable wallet that also functions as a development environment for smart contracts. Cosmos, currently with a $1.1 billion market capitalization, last year launched the Cosmos Hub, designed to be a point of interaction and interoperability for multiple blockchains.

“Blockchains help solve large-scale issues like scalability, security, and usability in the multi-stakeholder environments of practically any industry. We’re working with Kadena to integrate their digital wallet Chainweaver into the larger Cosmos ecosystem to tackle these issues like never before, enabling users to build Pact smart contracts running on the Tendermint consensus engine through Chainweaver’s stellar UX.”
– Interchain Foundation Technical Director, Ethan Buchman

Cosmos + Pact

With Chainweaver, developers can write smart contracts for both Cosmos and Kadena from the same interface. Chainweaver supports development in the Pact smart contract language, which is available in the Cosmos ecosystem as Kadenamint. Chainweaver provides developers access to features such as Formal Verification and Capabilities-based security.

“The implementation of Chainweaver onto the Cosmos network enables participants to build on a blockchain more easily than ever before. Kadenamint was the first step in achieving this, giving users a smart contract language they could trust to provide both functionality and security. Chainweaver amplifies that ability by presenting a digital wallet that can support the industry’s big-picture goals of an interoperable financial ecosystem.”
– Kadena Founder and CEO, Will Martino

Chainweaver is available on macOS and is coming soon for Linux

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