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IOTA Partner IBCS’ Chairman Joins Its Board, Says It Would Be A “Game-Changer” For The Enterprise



IBCS Poland has joined Tangle Universe Project with its IBCS Tracker solution and its Chairman, Brian Marcel just joined IOTA’s advisory board.

IBCS is a provider of solutions that optimize logistics processes in the supply chain area.

An applications solutions integrator in the Enterprise Mobility market in Middle Europe, IBCS supports companies in improving the effectiveness of logistic processes via the implementation of IT solutions and consulting services.

IBCS tracker is one of its products that track returnable containers or packaging based on distributed ledger technology like IOTA Tangle.

In May 2019, IBCS Group announced that IBCS Poland has joined the Tangle Universe Project with its solution IBC Tracker.

Now, the chairman of the company has joined IOTA as its newest members of the advisory board.

Marcel believes IOTA would be “game-changer” for the Enterprise as IOTA and Tangle, he said are “vastly superior” in terms of solving the blockchain’s limitations of speed, scalability, and cost.

“I am delighted to join the Advisory Board where I can hopefully introduce IOTA to a number of my customers and suppliers. Using my experience in introducing barcodes over the past 40 years can take some of the mystique out of the Tangle, making it more customer-friendly.”

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