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Instant, Fully Anonymous Cryptocurrency Wallet PTPWallet Launches on Android and iOS



PTPWallet can process millions of transactions/sec while still providing the ability to send/receive funds instantly

Press Release updated: Dec 14, 2018

After 11 months of development, CannaSOS has finished development of PTPWallet, a hybrid cryptocurrency platform created to connect businesses and users in the crypto industry.

The cryptocurrency wallet has launched on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and is available for download on all devices that support Android and iOS. The development of PTPWallet originally comes from the company wanting a payment processor for the cannabis industry, however, due to a change in the company’s long-term objectives, CannaSOS Corp created the wallet to serve all industries around the globe.

The president and founder of CannaSOS Corp, Oleg Cheine, states, “We are very happy and proud to announce that after 11 months of development, PTPWallet is finally live on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We see the application bridging the gap in the retail sector; something that is crucially missing in the crypto industry.”

All transactions done within the wallet are instantaneous, are fully anonymous and the platform can process many millions of transactions per second.

Oleg Cheine

CEO, Founder of PTPWallet

PTPWallet is considered a “revolution” by its team. The cryptocurrency wallet incorporates both centralized and decentralized technology in order to ease the use of its users. Funds that are sent to the wallet and are withdrawn from the wallet, undergo the usual decentralized phase, however, all transactions done within the wallet undergo centralized technology. Because of this, all transactions done within the wallet are instantaneous, are fully anonymous and the platform can process many millions of transactions per second. The wallet also has a built-in referral program and a game called Drain the Bank (similar to a lottery). PTPWallet additionally provides users with the ability to create a business page as well as create a loyalty program that provides users with cash back in crypto for their purchases. More surprisingly is that this is the only wallet which allows users to send cryptocurrencies via email and SMS. The wallet has many more features, all of which are available to be used all across the globe.

Oleg Cheine adds, “After conducting many surveys, businesses, for example, don’t really care about decentralized or centralized technology. They all want to use crypto but have to deal with slow transactions speeds and for there to be too much transparency – which could lead to potential hacker attacks or robberies. So, what we did is we incorporated both centralized and decentralized technology, flopped in a bunch of cool new features and now businesses are more connected with our users. The app is free to use and setup takes only around three minutes when you include the business page and loyalty program.”

Currently, the app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. PTPWallet is live on all major mobile platforms and the company is already working on a web-based version.

In order to celebrate the launch of the app, throughout the next six days, PTPWallet is providing everyone who installs and tests out the application with 1,000 crypto coins. After the six days, it will decrease to 800 for another six days and will keep decreasing.

Media Contact: 
Daniel Cheine 
Phone: 416,893,2390 

Source: CannaSOS

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