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ICOWatchlist Launches Crypto-Exchange Portal for its Partner Exchanges



As a leader and trend-setter in the space, ICOWatchlist has gone on to add one more bonus to its fleet of resources. About 3 months ago, the leading ICO assets listing platform gave the world the ICO agency portal, where its partner ICO marketing and facilitating agencies are featured to help give Blockchain enterprises the option to select from the rich array of service providers that will help them successful launch and carry-out their token sale.

As a follow-up to this and being a long-term focused institution, we thought it progressive to help draft partner Crypto-Exchanges so that Blockchain enterprises are given a leap-board for their post-ICO operations. This Crypto Exchanges portal affords ICO projects featured on our platform the opportunity to apply to list on a number of crypto-exchanges where their tokens and digital assets can be traded with little or no hustle. This way, a proper economy is built around both the tokens and projects as a whole.

The portal is currently populated by three exchanges namely 9Coin, IDAX and BTC-Alpha. The list of exchanges is to grow significantly over the coming weeks as a lot of work is being put in by both ourselves and potential exchange partners to see this happen.

This is one of the many steps and contributions we are making to the Blockchain space to ensure that real, tangible and genuine projects are able to launch and become successful for the general benefit of the industry.

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