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HashQuark joins IOV ecosystem as a genesis validator



HashQuark, a staking services platform focusing on public chains built upon the likes of PoS and DPoS, has announced it has joined the IOV network as a genesis validator as the first step towards a long-term collaborative partnership.

On October 10th, IOV launched its mainnet blockchain. IOV provides universal name service for wallets and dapps. The IOV Name Service provides a human-readable address instead of blockchain addresses to receive any kind of cryptocurrencies.

IOV will be welcomed as a preferred partner to the HashQuark network to drive growth and mutual benefits. HashQuark’s publicity network and engaged community will be introduced to IOV to further evolve the project. HashQuark’s global reach and experienced node services will help bring IOV to new heights and better secure and grow the IOV network.

IOV Product Suite:

  • IOV Name Service (IOVNS) is a DNS for crypto-addresses. It is used to register human-friendly addresses.
  • IOV-Core is the client for the IOV Name Service and for Weave based blockchains. It is designed to run in standard JavaScript environments so that third-party app developers can build wallets, block explorers, e-commerce payment apps, DEXes, social media tipping apps, etc. that run in standard web browsers.
  • IOV Weave is a framework to quickly build custom ABCI applications to power a blockchain based on the best-of-class BFT Proof-of-stake Tendermint consensus engine. The IOV Name Service was built using Weave.
  • IOV Chrome Extension is a Google Chrome Extension to connect to different chains and get a human-friendly address. It connects to the IOV Wallet (web-based) which demonstrates the different features of IOV-core.

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