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GSE Network: Legit Cryptocurrency Project?



GSE Network

GSE Network

What Is GSE Network?

GSE Network is a digital platform that aims to build a global sharing economy with no intermediary fees and a unified trust network. By focusing on the global sharing economy as its launch pad, GSE Network aims to build a decentralized global sharing economy network that embraces trust. It seeks to form a web of interdependent decentralized marketplaces on blockchain to transform the sharing economy to its next generation and offer greater accessibility and equitability to the users.

Problems GSE Network Seeks To Solve

The current situation of the sharing economy suffers from various challenges including intermediary fees, monopolistic and fragmented landscape, trust gap, and lack risk mitigation. These problems require urgent attention to restore the potential of the sharing economy for its next stage of growth.

To solve these problems, the GSE Network aims to tap on the huge potential of the sharing economy and champion its growth and transformation worldwide. This will lead to an independent, global network of users and providers.

The GSE Network Solution

By introducing the blockchain technology into the sharing economy, GSE Network seeks to empower both businesses and individual developers with a decentralized network that they can trust. That way, they would be able to form decentralized marketplaces that operate with no third party intervention.

GSE Network aims to achieve this objective by implementing the following strategies:

Decentralized service

Otherwise known as DService, this layer empowers both developers and businesses to design their own decentralized apps (DApps) on the DPoS Consensus Mechanism powered main chain. The DService core distributed modules will support the robust needs of users and businesses and create opportunities for untapped markets. The service will offer the following solutions:

  • Order dispatching system
  • Anti fraud system
  • Multi-dimensional user profile system
  • Transparent pricing system

Green Mining

Users will receive tokens for each transaction as they interact with GSE Network throughout various sharing economy assets and services. The externalities created by the ecosystem would be distributed back to the contributors. With proper rewards, participation will increase naturally, resulting in the scalability of the GSE Network.

Trust Framework

With improved participation, GSE Network will have the power to record more user activities and behavior on-chain, and each user will be able to define the quality and quantity of information they share. The created holistic trust profiles of every user will form the inter-dependency between the network and the users, to bridge the trust gap between online and offline.

How GSE Network Works

The operations of GSE Network take place in the following steps:

  • From the end user’s perspective, through their DApp browsers on their smart phones, they are able to seamlessly connect to multiple DApps.
  • To bridge the connection between the physical assets and GSE Blockchain, the platform utilizes oracles—IoT Smart Lock integrated with DService Layer through an agent Celler.
  • Each DApp is connected to a subchain. Each subchain can have multiple DApps. A subchain is designed to adapt at various tiers including sectors, industry, company, and sub-company levels.
  • Each DApp will have access to DService and its Fundamental Smart Contract Modules such as Multi-dimensional User Profile Rating System Module, Pricing Module, Anti-fraud Module, and Order Dispatch Module.

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