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Bitcoin News launches new 20% discount offer on bitcoin (BTC) purchases



Crypto exchange, today announced a new offering for $200k worth of bitcoin (BTC) with a 20% discount on its special ‘Startup’ platform.

The discounted sale for BTC will begin at UTC 8:00 on October 11th and last for two hours.

To bring more benefits to exchange users, recently upgraded its ‘Startup’ platform and will be launching sales for top cryptocurrencies (i.e. BTC, ETH, EOS) at a discount.

VIP users and GT holders are able to participate in the sales with USDT. All of the received USDT from the sales will be used to purchase native token GT from the open market, which will then be publicly burned.

As mentioned, to participate in the discounted offers, users are required to have certain VIP levels.

Purchase limits are calculated based on users’ GT holdings, see the table below for more details:

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