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Fundopolis partners with AlphaPoint to bring blockchain technology to crowdfunding



Fundopolis, an equity crowdfunding portal and AlphaPoint, a provider of asset tokenization software and digital asset trading technology, today announced their partnership and upcoming joint presentation at the CoinDesk Consensus Conference in New York.

Fundopolis plans to use AlphaPoint’s cloud-based platform to assist with the issuance of equity crowdfunding perks. The AlphaPoint platform will enable Fundopolis customers who are fundraising on the portal to easily interact with their investors, providing automation for key security behaviors and other back end functions.

“Small businesses have been priced out of traditional capital markets due to their prohibitive upfront costs, listing fees, compliance costs, complex terms, and the list goes on. AlphaPoint’s cloud-based blockchain technology helps us as we work to change the game for small businesses by providing them an opportunity to reach funding goals with less costs and fewer headaches than traditional capital markets.”

Ben DiScipio, Chief Strategy Officer, Fundopolis

A key benefit of leveraging blockchain technology is the transparency it provides investors and companies alike. Too often equity crowdfunding investors are left with the question of “what next?” after the fundraise window is over, wondering how and when they will receive their perks or pay-out following a completed raise. Fundopolis’ technology will streamline this process by allowing both investors and issuers to be updated and kept in the loop throughout the entire fundraising lifecycle.

“Fraud and security issues have plagued the crowdfunding space for many years and small businesses simply cannot afford to lose out on the critical funding they’ve raised. By building Fundopolis’ portal on AlphaPoint’s powerful blockchain technology, this new crowdfunding approach will provide investors and companies alike the peace of mind that investments are secure, transparent and verifiable.”

Igor Telyatnikov, CEO, AlphaPoint.

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