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Feedbands is a music subscription platform used by a vinyl-loving community to curate independent music and reimburse artists. Artists sign up and publish their work, allowing listeners to discover and download albums using DASH cryptocurrency.

How does it work?

Feedbands members upvote artists. Every month, the most popular artist gets a batch of vinyl pressings of their music sent to the top-tier subscribers. In addition, the platform pays 99.99% of royalties on plays to their artists. Artists can get paid via Paypal or in DASH cryptocurrency.

Who pays?

Members pay a monthly subscription fee in fiat currency (starting at $4) for the right to download, vote, comment and curate the music on the site. Ad-free streaming is free to all.

What’s different about it?

Feedbands appears to be betting on the increasing popularity of vinyl pressing, and the community around it. There is a curation process in place to prevent just anyone from uploading their music to the site. This makes Feedbands closer to a record label than a streaming service. The most upvoted artists get their work pressed to vinyl. This creates an incentive among the artists to market their Feedback presence to fans. Artists are able to sell merchandise through their profile pages.

Like Spotify, Feedbands allows users to create playlists. But unlike Soundcloud, you need to be a paying member to vote and comment on those tracks and playlists. A public comment feed on the front page and within individual track pages creates the immediate sense of community lacking from other services. Imagine a less busy Soundcloud with a front page ‘All Comments’ feed. A members-only forum allows this early generation of tastemakers to discuss new music and vote on who deserves the next vinyl pressing.

As the name suggests, the platform’s model is aggressively in favor of the artists. The promised royalty payout of 99.99% is one of the more attractive working packages out there for artists new to blockchain platforms.

Who is it for?

Feedbands is primarily for fans of undiscovered indie music. Like a vinyl collector itself, the platform seems wired for exclusivity and quality over inclusivity and user numbers. For $25/month you get the month’s most upvoted music shipped to you in vinyl format. The platform does seem to favor chillout, indie and guitar music. There isn’t much of the low quality bedroom electronic dance and hip hop music that seems to flood new platforms. The weekly chart is representative of the most upvotes by paying users.

Why check it out?

Feedbands is a pleasing experience. Music playback is continuous and navigation is sensible. The site seems to have been built with musical purists in mind. Having no vote or play counts anywhere leaves the taste of the voter free of popular influence and distracting eye-bait. Feedbands states: “We do not display vote counts publicly, but artists can see their own vote counts. This is because we don’t want artists to feel disadvantaged if they get negative votes, and we don’t want vote counts to influence the tastes of listeners.”

My best pick

Dolbro Dan does a countryish Mumford and Sons thing that’s pretty lyrical and heartfelt.

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