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Factom launches new version of blockchain business app service



Factom, a blockchain technology company, today announced the next generation of the Harmony platform, Harmony Integrate, a Blockchain-as-a-Service for organizations and consortiums.

This next generation of the Harmony platform offers a way for enterprises to add data integrity and cryptographic auditability to existing processes. In this iteration of Integrate, blockchain technology enhances enterprise business processes without the need to build new infrastructure.

With the ability to model data-centric processes and decision making into cryptographically secure packages, customers are empowered to create programmatic trust. Packages are created at vital milestones within processes that require a definitive level of auditability.

Each package can be irrefutably proven via portable proofs and selective disclosure. The latter encourages the practice of minimum disclosure, ensuring that private data stays private. Proofs are secured within the Factom network and are interoperable across multiple data sources including Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains, a traditional database and/or a distributed ledger (DLT).

“The Factom team continues making strides in bringing the emerging standards of W3C Verifiable Credentials into the enterprise market. Integrate encourages the practice of minimum disclosure to tighten up security of critical data with portable proofs and selective disclosure secured by the Factom, Bitcoin, and Ethereum blockchains.”

Factom CEO, Paul Snow

“We’re excited to join major players in the Digital Identity space such as Microsoft, IBM, and Mastercard with support for W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), allowing Integrate to secure existing business processes. DIDs provide cryptographic proof that actors are who they say they are based on the programmatic trust that blockchain offers. With the launch of the Factom Harmony Blockchain-as-a-Service in 2017, each iteration has built upon one another. While Connect is a fast way for developers to get started with blockchain and test their ideas in a sandbox, Integrate facilitates independently verified processes and data integrity in support of collaboration, compliance, and audits. We believe Harmony Integrate is the next step for seamlessly adding data integrity and trust to existing workflows for enterprise solutions.”

Factom Director of Product, Carl DiClementi

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