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eToro’s Popular Investor Program Gives Successful Traders Extra Income



Utilising the latest social trading features, online trading platform eToro has created a program which rewards successful traders when they share their knowledge.

The Internet revolution has helped create an environment in which nearly anyone can trade and invest in the stock market. Becoming a day trader in today’s world is simpler than ever: all you need is an Internet connection and you can easily access a variety of instruments. Using Contract for Difference instruments (CFDs), traders are able to instantly buy or sell stocks, commodities, currencies, and other assets without needing to actually own them.

However, online investing has much more to offer than just access to the markets. Social features provide day trading elements and tools that simply didn’t exist before – including new ways of earning an income.

One attractive option is eToro’s Popular Investor Program, which rewards successful traders for allowing others to automatically copy their positions. By engaging users through the platform’s CopyTrader™ feature, traders have the option to create a following and receive special perks that add up to significant monthly payments.

eToro, the world’s leading social investment platform with over ten millions users worldwide, places a special emphasis on how its clients can benefit from being part of a massive trading community. By introducing an interactive news feed and enabling clients to engage with one another, eToro has evolved into a true social media platform for traders, who can share their knowledge and gain from each other’s experience.

Operating with the understanding that not everyone will have the time or expertise to actively trade, eToro’s CopyTrader™ feature was created to enable clients to copy other investors’ portfolios. Each copier chooses how much capital they wish to allocate to a certain trader, after which their trades on eToro are automatically copied until the copier chooses to stop. Clients are also able to experiment with the platform’s features, honing their trading skills and copying other traders risk-free by using a virtual portfolio funded with $100k in virtual equity.

The eToro platform operates with full transparency, allowing users to view any participating trader’s portfolio, previous performance, profits or losses, and risk score. This means that each user can make an informed decision with all the necessary information before copying another investor.

While almost any trader can be copied, only those who meet specific requirements, such as maintaining a low-risk score, are accepted into the Popular Investor program.


“Being a Popular Investor creates a deep sense of responsibility and care towards those who copy me. My goal is to continuously improve my strategy to withstand multiple cycles and make people a little bit happier financially.”

BalanceAM, eToro Popular Investor


“It’s a great opportunity to be a popular investor, but at the same time, it is also a lot of responsibility. Knowing that thousands of people are following your actions and putting their trust in you is truly incredible. It inspires me to get better and better. The program offers great recognition for the hard work one does.”

FabianMarco, eToro Popular Investor


Popular Investor status is highly coveted by eToro clients, as it gives them tremendous perks. Elite Popular Investors receive a fixed monthly payment plus a percentage of the funds allocated by their copiers. The more funds allocated towards copying them, the more they are paid. Top Popular Investors actually earn a generous second income from the rewards they receive.

CopyTrading and the Popular Investor Program are providing possibilities for traders which did not exist in the past. eToro has succeeded in combining the best aspects of online trading and social media together in order to benefit clients, as well as establishing itself as a true pioneer in the fintech industry.

Want to trade but not sure how? Copy a Popular Investor on eToro today

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