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Ethereum client PegaSys officially joins ConsenSys core product suite



PegaSys, a builder of enterprise-grade Ethereum products, announced it has officially joined the core product suite of Ethereum venture and blockchain company ConsenSys as it has been fully acquired to help anchor the offering.

Back in the summer of 2017, ConsenSys chose to incubate and invest in PegaSys. Since then, with the support, investment, and guidance of the ConsenSys team, PegaSys has grown from 2 to 70 of the world’s leading blockchain engineers and researchers.

“Along with Infura, Alethio, and Codefi, we are building and will continue to build core Ethereum infrastructure, as well as developer tools and applications to create a comprehensive blockchain offering. We’re incredibly excited for the next phase of our journey and to continue to contribute to and align with the goals of ConsenSys and ConsenSys’ core suite of software.”
– The Pegasys Team

The decision to formalize its position in ConsenSys was logical for a couple of reasons including:

  • Success and innovation at the protocol layer, especially its work on Ethereum 2.0, are critical to the success of all ConsenSys projects and the ecosystem in general;
  • By joining with Infura, Alethio, Codefi and other projects that comprise the ConsenSys platform, PegaSys will able to unlock new value for developers, enterprises and customers alike – for Layer 2 and private, permissioned networks as well as users of the Ethereum mainnet.

Over the coming months, Pegasys is planning a number of exciting announcements based around its collaborations across the ConsenSys product suite.

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