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EliteX And Bittrex-Partnered CatalX Exchanges Plan To List XRP Trading Pairs Soon





EliteX And CatalX Exchanges Plan To List XRP Soon

In recent announcements, both EliteX and CatalX announced that they would list XRP. This is yet more great news for the Ripple project.

The EliteX Announcement

XRP, which is the remittance token for Ripple will be listed on the first exchange that has integrated into the Lisk ecosystem. The EliteX made the announcement on Twitter. It will be listed along with ETH, BTC, and USDT trading pairs. Besides that, the exchange announced that it would offer airdrops for the users of this token.

Exchanges play an important role in boosting the purchasing power of an asset. They offer a huge open market for any crypto asset. Thus, they are an integral part of the crypto world. The EliteX exchange began operating in April 2019. It currently has the capacity to process 500,000 orders a second. Right now, it is in the process of accepting and reviewing various crypto projects that might be listed soon. However, Ripple did not need to make a submission before it was listed. This shows how much power the XRP has in the crypto world.

The Airdrop

It would appear that listing XRP is intended as an incentive to get users of XRP to use the platform. The giveaway will be for 3000 XRP tokens. This campaign will begin on June 3 at 10 AM and end on June 9 10 AM CET. Users that complete the KYC compliance processes by then will be handed 3 XRP.

The CatalX Announcement

The CatalX platform, which is powered by Bittrex, started operating in Canada on May 30, 2019. In its initial release, the platform will offer over 100 coins for purchase. Any user will be able to register on the exchange with a free account and verify their details. Each trade will be 0.25 percent. For early adopters who sign up, the exchange will offer a full rebate.

Besides offering over 100 coins, a major value proposition of the exchange is that it is designed specifically for Canadian functionality. The exchange’s focus and mission are on stringent compliance, risk management, and security. Due to this focus, it is the only exchange in Canada that offers OTC services, which allows users to trade huge blocks of crypto OTC.

This exchange will offer a wide array of trading pairs with BTC, the Canadian dollar (CAD), ETH, and USDT base pairs. The XRP token is included with pairs against these four.

About CatalX and Bittrex

The exchange was created in 2017 and has continued to create a platform that is suited for Canada. It operates under license from Bittrex. It aims to be the main Canadian exchange for crypto. It wants to create a new generation of investors who wish to engage and manage their financial future.

Bittrex, under whose license, CatalX operates, was created in 2014. It is the top US-based blockchain platform. It offers fast execution, reliable digital wallets, and some of the best security practices in the crypto world.


This is more proof that the XRP has a bright future. Combined with its real-world utility, its prominence in the crypto world will only continue to grow.

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