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Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction For 2019-2020 And Further



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ETN price predictions 2019-2020

The Electroneum project has been developed since 2016. In the autumn of 2017, ICO of the Electroneum project was held, which raised more than $40 mln in a short time span – the maximum amount required for further development. The developers of Electroneum emphasize that it is not so easy for an average person to enter the digital money market.

Mining requires powerful equipment, and buying cryptocurrencies requires start-up funds, wallets, bank accounts, and stock exchange accounts. Thus, they decided to make digital money available for users of mobile phones. Electroneum has its own unique blockchain, which does not allow mine the cryptocurrency by video cards, let alone ASIC-devices. Instead, the mining of ETH is carried out with the help of the mobile application.

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The distinctive feature of Electroneum is that wallets can be controlled from any mobile device. The currency can be generated by a unique mobile miner running in the background on a smartphone. Thanks to the speed of ETN transactions, it is easy to transfer between different users and applications on the smartphone.

Electroneum Coin Fundamental Value

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Electroneum is founded on its own version of a block diagram based on the Bitcoin source code. The main feature is the possibility of mining on mobile devices.

What is so special about Electroneum aside from the process of mobile mining? ETH coins are used to buy games and apps with the help of smartphones – at the moment, the Electroneum app is supported by Android and iOS.

While Bitcoin has fragmentation and long numbers, Electronium creators decided to use only two digits after the decimal point (for instance, 0.99) – it simplifies users’ life. The cryptocurrency also boasts a high speed of carrying out of transfers cryptocurrency. Money transfers can be made between users of different gaming accounts, and different applications, so it’s a perfect coin for the online gaming industry.

Project name Electroneum
Stock Symbol ETN
Asset Type Coin
Network type Blockchain
Consensus Protocol Proof-of-Work
Hashing Algorithm CryptoNight
Curr. Price $0,003691
Curr. Supply / Total Supply 9 851 412 977 / 9 851 412 977 ETN
ROI since launch -47,27%
Launch date 2 November 2017
Official Website

ETN Coin 2017-2018 Price History

During 2017, there were two major leaps in the value of this asset. It all started at $0.09, but later the price has fallen to $0.08. On January 10, 2017, a record was set – the value of the token rose to $0.22.

In the course of 2018, the bullish run that made ETH price reach 15 cents ended, and the coin lost about 70-80% of its price ending 2018 at the level of $0.008. Why the coin did not recover from the bearish market? Probably, it’s the lack of investment and popularization. During 2019, ETH price fell further and is now stuck around $0.003.

ETN price history 2018
ETN price history 2018

Electroneum (ETN) Technical Analysis

What’s the current situation on the Electroneum market? Check the ETN technical analysis from TradingView users:

Electroneum market projection by TradingView
Electroneum market projection by TradingView. The screenshot was taken on 17/10/19

Electroneum Community Reputation

Generally, the idea behind Electroneum appeals to the public. With over 1.6 mln registered clients, they experienced quicker project popularity development than both Facebook and Twitter over a similar timeframe. Their Android and iOS application is available in 20 languages, which makes client availability quite high. Before the end of 2018, ETN price soared not only due to the bearish period, but also thanks to the fast-growing authority and wide implementation.

Here’s what John McAfee thinks about ETN project:

McAfee about Electroneum project
McAfee about Electroneum project

Ordinary users also praise Electroneum for fast payments, availability and ease of use.

The crypto community has been interested in Electroneum throughout the time of its existence, which is clear if you cast a look at the Electroneum search trend in Google:

Electroneum in Google search trends
Electroneum in Google search trends

Influencers Views on Electroneum

So, what is Electroneum price prediction? The opinions differ. In general, the crypto holders are quite optimistic about ETN: they believe that the cryptocurrency potential is nothing to sneeze at. However, the current ETN price falls disappoint people who are afraid of losing their investments. They only believe in positive Electroneum predictions, if the project creators start promoting their product.

Yet, no one dares to provide any exact ETN price prediction, so let’s find out what technical websites tell us about the future of Electroneum.

  1. According to WalletInvestor, a 1-year ETN prediction is $0.001. In 2021, the ETN price is expected to stay the same. It’s a pretty pessimistic forecast, but such price level is possible, considering the current ETN liquidity and market cap topped off by the bearish market tendencies.
  2. JioMobilePhone1500, a cryptocurrency predictor website forecasts that ETN price might reach $3 by August 2020.
  3. Based on technical factors, performance, and market trends, has made an ETN price prediction 2019 of around $0.812 by the end of the year, and $1.10 by December 2020. Considering the current ETN price, it’s not likely to happen.
  4. CoinLiker predicts that ETN might touch the $2.44 level by 2023.
  5. Crypto ground predicted that Electroneum might reach $0.0096 in the beginning of 2020, $0.0432 in a year and $0.1913 in 5 years.
  6. Electroneum price prediction 2019 from is $0.002779. That seems to be very close to reality.

Despite the fact that Electroneum price prediction 2020 leaves a lot to be desired, the chance of Electroneum project abandonment is very low. The coin and underlying technologies are valued by the crypto community, and there are thousands of devoted holders.

What to expect from Electroneum price in 2019, 2020, and further?

Judging by the above-mentioned ETN coin price predictions, the price of cryptocurrency won’t change much by the end of 2019: it is likely to stay around $0.003 price level. As for Electroneum forecast 2020, the coin is expected to rise to reach the $0.006 threshold as a minimum, and in case of bullish market trend, it might even soar to $0.01 and higher.

As for Electroneum price prediction 2022, it’s hard to provide any certain predictions – everything depends on how the market behaves, and what Electroneum developers will do. Right now, the possibility of ETN overcoming $0.04 seems to be unrealistic.

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