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dYdX crypto asset trading platform now live and open to the public



dYdX , an open trading platform for crypto assets  is now live and open to the public, the team announced last week. Additionally, the protocol is also now officially open-source and available on GitHub. The dYdX team cites this as a huge step in their goal to bring more advanced financial products into the open, for anyone to use.

Now Live

Smarter Margin Trading and Leverage Features

  • Cross-margin uses a trader’s entire dYdX account to trade, which is a useful tool for managing a longer position and minimizing the chances of liquidation
  • Isolated margin allows traders to choose their leverage (up to 4x) and control specifically how much capital they are willing to risk
  • Trading on a centralized exchange? Users can borrow with collateral — maintain a 1.15x collateral ratio to borrow and receive principal directly to their wallet

Earn Interest On Your Crypto

All funds on dYdX continuously earn interest. Simply deposit crypto to dYdX and watch it grow. Even collateral used for margin trades earns interest, ensuring capital is always being put to work.

Professional UI

The development team built dYdX with professionals in mind. The team gathered feedback from its users and built a UI with all the features traders expect with even more advances coming soon. It was clear to the dYdX team that users want more professional and advanced tools for crypto assets trading.

“We are excited to open-source the smart contracts powering the new dYdX. Alongside the contracts, we’re also open sourcing a fully-featured Typescript library which makes building on dYdX easy. The codebase has undergone months of rigorous testing internally — all production smart contracts are tested and have 100% branching code-coverage. We also had two external security audits with no critical bugs found.”

Zhuoxun Yin, Head of Operations at dYdX

Below are the reports from both security audits:

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