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DDEX Wallet now supports Binance Chain



DDEX, a hybrid decentralized exchange providing liquidity for Ethereum and Tron tokens, today announced that the DDEX Wallet now supports Binance Chain. DDEX Wallet is a mobile native decentralized multi-chain exchange app for iOS and Android.

Users can now manage any Binance Chain crypto asset on their mobile devices with the DDEX Wallet mobile app.

  1. Import a Binance account

Once a user has created a Binance DEX wallet, they can easily import the Binance DEX account into the DDEX Wallet app.

DDEX Wallet now supports Binance Chain

2. Trading on Binance DEX with DDEX Wallet

Users can seamlessly view order books, trade, manage existing orders, and transfer tokens on Binance DEX with DDEX Wallet. By tapping into Binance DEX’s API, DDEX Wallet provides a powerful and simple mobile interface for all functions on Binance Chain.

DDEX Wallet now supports Binance Chain

3. Transferring and receiving tokens on Binance Chain

Users are able to send and receive BNB (and other tokens) within the DDEX Wallet app. Complete with push notifications, so users never miss when activities occur on their wallet.

DDEX Wallet now supports Binance Chain

4. Enable WalletConnect

DDEX Wallet supports WalletConnect, an open protocol for connecting desktop DApps to mobile wallets using end-to-end encryption. WalletConnect allows all DDEX Wallet users to interact with any DApp without compromising recovery phrases or private keys, as you will be notified to approve all transaction requests directly from your mobile device.

WalletConnect is also integrated with Binance DEX. By scanning the WalletConnect QR code shown on, users can easily link up their DDEX mobile wallet.

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