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Dash Text Integrates in Telegram, WhatsApp Bans Crypto, Waiting for ‘Facebook Coin’ to Arrive



The popular crypto payment service that uses Dash is now integrated in the Telegram app in Colombia and Venezuela, which greatly expands the Dash user-base

As reported by Dash News, Dash Text has been launched on the Telegram app after beta trials that had lasted a few months. The CTO of the service, Lorenzo, says that Telegram seems to be a perfect platform for this integration, since it allows people to use crypto on old or not very powerful smartphones without having to install any special software, like a crypto wallet.

Telegram is perfect for crypto

Telegram is so simple, says Lorenzo, that anyone can use Dash Text through it, even if they have no idea how crypto works. Thus Telegram makes it easy for introducing new users into Dash.

Later on, if they wish to do so, they proceed to more complex crypto payment apps.

How Dash Text works in Telegram

When newbies start using Dash Text in this messaging app for the first time, their Telegram account will be automatically connected to their Dash Text SMS wallet. If they do not have one, it will be set up for them automatically.

Dash Text has been growing in popularity, recently expanding to Colombia. Soon they also plan to launch in other Latin countries, such as Argentina, Chile, etc., and also Spain, the US to be mainly used for remittance payments.

WhatsApp rejects Dash integration

As Facebook-owned WhatsApp is very popular among people in the aforementioned regions, Dash Text also wanted to get an integration with this messaging app. However, WhatsApp has been rejecting the use of any crypto on its platform.

Many believe this is due to Facebook’s plans to launch its own stablecoin soon and the first platform that will be used on is expected to be WhatsApp – for remittance in the Indian market to begin with.

As per Lorenzo, this did not come as a surprise to the Dash Text team. However, they did not expect this to happen so soon.

“Honestly it didn’t surprise me as much, as soon as I heard Facebook was developing their own cryptocurrency I imagined at some point they would try to stifle competition in their own apps, I just didn’t think this would happen for a couple of years, so we still thought it was worth opening that channel of accessibility. Telegram is a much more crypto friendly platform and it’s also a non-profit so I don’t see them doing something similar at all.”

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Ethereum Slayers 2.0: Crypto’s Usual Suspects, or New Kids on the Blockchain?




Whenever a brand new blockchain platform introduced between 2017 and 2018, it was once inevitably heralded as a long run substitute for the most important, maximum a success cryptocurrency platform of all. In brief, it got here bearing the title of Ethereum Killer.

Those prophecies became out to be untimely, and via 2019 the hit that’s been put out on Ethereum remains to be ready to be cashed.

A yr is a very long time within the crypto area, and lots of would argue that the lineup of conceivable contenders for Ethereum’s throne has modified already. New upstarts have come to the fore, whilst some who’ve been within the battle for too lengthy are beginning to weaken because of falling coin costs.

So let’s check out the so-called Ethereum Killers in 2019. Are we having a look at a brand new crop of assassins – or simply the standard suspects?

Zilliqa (ZIL) Draws First Blood

zilliqa cryptocurrency

Zilliqa has most likely already drawn first blood within the fight towards Ethereum – closing yr the Ethereum-based recreation Etheremon was once packed up via builders and emigrated to the Zilliqa blockchain. | Source: Shutterstock

Zilliqa has most likely already drawn first blood within the fight towards Ethereum – closing yr the Ethereum-based recreation Etheremon was once packed up via builders and emigrated to the Zilliqa blockchain.

The transfer was once in line with emerging fuel costs on Ethereum, and the statement that Ethereum’s loss of scalability answers was once draining the sport’s doable. The Zilliqa group announced at the time:

“We are glad to announce that we will work with the Zilliqa team to explore Zilliqa as a scalability solution for Etheremon. The higher throughput and low gas of Zilliqa’s sharding solution offer players better experience.”

More on Zilliqa will also be learn right here, in CCN’s interview with Zilliqa CEO, Xinshu Dong the place he is going into element on Zilliqa’s sharding procedure:

“Imagine a sample network of 1,000 nodes. ZILLIQA will automatically divide the network into 10 shards each with 100 nodes. Each shard can now process transactions in parallel. If each shard is capable of processing 100 transactions per second, then all shards together can process 1000 transactions per second.”

If all of this sounds too just right to be true, learn my deep-dive on Zilliqa which covers one of the vital technical difficulties nonetheless dealing with this conceivable Ethereum slayer.

Holo (HOT) – The Non-Blockchain Wildcard

blockchain graph

In this feeling Holo opts for a allotted community versus a decentralized one (alternatively, a allotted community is via nature decentralized). | Source: Apollo Capital/Medium

More of a wildcard in comparison to a couple on this checklist, Holo (HOT) units itself with the exception of the remainder of the group via no longer if truth be told using a blockchain. Instead, Holo uses distributed hash tables (DHT), which might be extra very similar to a torrent community than a blockchain.

In this feeling, Holo opts for a allotted community versus a decentralized one (alternatively, a allotted community is via nature decentralized).

Already, several projects have opted to construct at the Holochain community, together with a Holo-based Reddit competitor named Comet; an open-source prison machine known as Ulex; in addition to a number of others in industries starting from social media to supply-chain.

In early 2018, the CFO of Mozilla, Jim Cook, named Holo as one of the projects which was once developing an agent-centric fashion that would combat regulate of the web again from the fingers of Google and buddies. Holo’s affiliation with Mozilla is prolonged via their not unusual use of the Rust programming language.

When Binance’s CEO and founder, Changpeng Zhao, despatched out process posts for Rust builders closing yr, the impact was once such that the HOT coin price responded by jumping 26%.

Waves (WAVES) – The Old Guard

[embedded content] [embedded content]

Waves introduced in early 2016, and inside of two years over 100 tasks had opted to release ICO’s at the Waves platform. The maximum a success of the ones is the gaming-focused MobileGo (MGO), which in short broke onto CoinMarketCap’s front page in November, and now has a marketplace cap of $18 million.

That may quickly exchange, alternatively, as $120 million was just raised by means of the Waves platform for its Vostok ICO. With Waves holders set to be airdropped a portion of the Vostok tokens, it might be speculated that Vostok was once the motive force in the back of Waves’ 300% ascent during December 2018.

Waves can boast of its personal decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and a powerful place across the best twenty via marketplace cap. It was once introduced only one yr after Ethereum.

Read More: The Ethereum Killers – A Hit Still Waiting to Be Carried Out

Tron (TRX) – The Young Pretender

tron price trx crypto

No different coin has leveraged the Ethereum Killer label up to Tron – the difficulty is, it’s typically being leveraged via the Tron’s CEO and founder, Justin Sun.  | Source: Shutterstock

No different coin has leveraged the Ethereum Killer label up to Tron. The hassle is, it’s typically being leveraged via Tron’s CEO and founder, Justin Sun. We most effective have to return to the beginning of this month to search out the last time Sun wielded the term – this time in connection with Tron’s domination of the dApp ratings in comparison to Ethereum.

That domination is authentic – Tron dApps account for six out of the ten maximum used in lifestyles. The proliferation of cube video games and playing dApps on Tron might also account for its soaring transaction rate against the top of 2018.

But statistics could make anything else glance just right, and one will have to ask what worth those playing dApps have compared to the attempted and examined blockchain platform that is still Ethereum’s major use-case.

The arrival of blockchain tasks and ICO launches at the platform should wait till the crowning glory of the Odyssey section of Tron’s roadmap – scheduled to for crowning glory in mid-2019.

Notable Mention – Stellar (XLM)

stellar cryptocurrency

Despite a contemporary build up within the choice of tasks being introduced on its platform, Stellar isn’t truly in comparison to Ethereum in that approach. | Source: Shutterstock

Stellar (XLM) has been round for 12 months longer than Ethereum, and regardless of a recent increase in the number of projects being introduced on its platform, Stellar isn’t truly in comparison to Ethereum in that approach.

Often thought to be one of the most ‘finance coins,’ together with Ripple, Stellar’s priorities will also be ascertained from the outlet line which greets guests to its web page (emphasis theirs):

Stellar is an open platform for construction monetary merchandise that attach folks in all places.”

That’s to not say Stellar can’t satisfy a few of Ethereum’s roles, as evidenced when one in all its fresh progeny, Repo Coin (REPO), hit 1,437% growth inside the area of a month in early January.

Ethereum Killers Not Living as much as Their Name?

EOS ethereum

EOS remains to be the 5th perfect capped cryptocurrency, however the enthusiasm surrounding its doable dislodging of Ethereum is far not up to this time closing yr, on the top of its $four billion ICO. | Source: Shutterstock

One of closing yr’s Ethereum Killers seems to be to be in a lot worse form this time round, because the EOS blockchain flirts with being a money-losing machine for its block manufacturers. EOS remains to be the 5th perfect capped cryptocurrency, however the enthusiasm surrounding its doable dislodging of Ethereum is far not up to this time closing yr, on the top of its $4 billion ICO.

Meanwhile, a undertaking which didn’t make closing yr’s checklist, however was once at one level in competition with the cash indexed above, is NEM (XEM). The NEM blockchain was once tipped to play host to Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency, despite the fact that a lot of the Petro’s lifestyles was once clouded in confusion, as was its launch.

By the top of January 2019, the ‘crypto winter’ was once such that the NEM Foundation had begun to freeze over – with the group saying a suspension of all projects and partnerships because of loss of finances.

Ultimately, Ethereum remains to be alive and neatly, and with upgrades to scalability and velocity at the horizon, it should but be a very long time sooner than it’s displaced.

Disclaimer: The perspectives expressed within the article are only the ones of the creator and don’t constitute the ones of, nor will have to they be attributed to, CCN.

Featured Image from Shutterstock



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OKEx Lists XRP and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its Customer-to-Customer Market



Malta based totally crypto alternate of OKEx has introduced that it’ll be including reinforce for XRP and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its C2C (Customer to Customer) buying and selling marketplace. This marketplace offers with fiat-to-cryptocurrency trades and gives customers with a chance to shop for and promote virtual property from each and every different the use of distinguished fiat currencies. The peer-to-peer marketplace recently helps the fiat currencies of British Pound (GBP), Chinese Renminbi (CNY), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Russian Ruble (RUB) and Thai Baht (THB).

Delisting QTUM , NEO and (XUC) from the C2C Market

At the similar time the OKEx will be delisting QTUM (QTUM), NEO (NEO), and Exchange Union (XUC) from the C2C buying and selling platform efficient Monday, February 25th, at 4am (CET). No direct rationalization has been given for the delisting. Traders are recommended to cancel all open orders by way of the said time to keep away from any inconveniences.

C2C Market Allows Users to Buy and Sell from Each Other

XRP and Bitcoin money sign up for 4 different virtual property at the C2C: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and Litecoin (LTC). They also are paired with the 5 fiat currencies discussed previous.

The C2C buying and selling platform supplies a handy and out there manner for the general public to business virtual property the use of acquainted fiat currencies. According to OKEx, customers can position orders with self-selected alternate charges and fee strategies with 0 transaction charges.

The ultimate level within the buying and selling process is as follows.

For purchasing: Pay in keeping with the fee manner to be had. Then make a choice “I have paid”. Once the vendor showed the receipt of your fee, they’ll liberate the tokens.

For promoting: Wait for the consumer to switch the fee. Please just be sure you have gained the fee earlier than freeing the tokens.

Users are recommended to all the time double take a look at with banks for the of entirety of fiat transactions. More in this can also be discovered on the OKEx support page.

What are your ideas on OKEx list XRP and BCH on its C2C buying and selling platform? Is this customer-to-customer fashion of buying and selling crypto the use of fiat your next step in decentralization? Please tell us within the remark segment beneath. 

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‘Tectonic Shift’: CasperLabs Nabs Ethereum Developer Vlad Zamfir




CasperLabs introduced that Ethereum developer Vlad Zamfir, the writer of CBC Casper, shall be approaching as their lead architect. CasperLabs is operating on a proof-of-stake blockchain. They don’t have a lot else about them available in the market; their web page remains to be in touchdown web page mode.

Zamfir is the authority on CBC Casper. CBC stands for “correct-by-construction.” Vitalik Buterin explains it like this:

CBC Casper is designed to be basically very flexible and summary, and are available to consensus on just about any information construction; you’ll use CBC to make a decision whether or not to select zero or 1, you’ll make a easy block-by-block chain run on most sensible of CBC, or a 292-dimensional hypercube tangle DAG, and just about anything else in between.

CBC Casper got down to discover the chances of proof-of-stake on Ethereum. Over time it become quite a few protocols for various varieties of information units. In the CBC Casper FAQ, that is defined:

There are these days more than one consensus protocols inside the CBC Casper circle of relatives, the place other protocols come to consensus on other information sorts. Furthermore, CBC Casper analysis has expanded to incorporate analysis into blockchain scalability within the type of sharding.

Zamfir is quoted in a press free up as being very fascinated with his new place. He will supply “analysis and research on the development of core algorithms and systems related to CBC Casper.” Zamfir stated:

I consider that decentralized, scalable, and safe public “proof-of-stake” consensus protocols which can be a lot more usable and safe than present blockchains are imaginable, and can ultimately make mining and Nakamoto consensus out of date. However, It’s not that i am certain if the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain communities are going in an effort to improve their protocols.

The Next “Tectonic Shift” In Cryptocurrency?

This is an engaging stance for any individual to take, particularly any individual so deeply embedded within the Ethereum group. One wonders if the feedback may have him practice the trail of Afri Schoedon.

Zamfir went on:

I’m excited that CasperLabs has taken an hobby in imposing a scalable blockchain protocol from the CBC Casper circle of relatives of protocols, and hope that their efforts are each independently a hit and put force on different tasks (like Ethereum) to undertake the generation. I’m very thankful for CasperLabs’ enhance of my analysis and sit up for operating with them to look it change into a fact.

We don’t know so much about what CasperLabs is in truth construction. They had been launching nowadays, at press time, and Zamfir described construction their very own proof-of-stake “scalable” blockchain:

We know that their present CEO Medha Parlikar has been with the corporate since November. If they’re construction their very own blockchain platform, it’ll be getting into a sea of such platforms – EOS, Cardano, NEO, and the record is going on.

The first speaker within the above video stated that CBC Casper may well be “the next tectonic shift” in cryptocurrencies.

The above release video turns out to signify that they’re launching a “decentralized” blockchain device this is scalable. The competition is that Bitcoin and Ethereum don’t seem to be scalable.



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ZCash Company is Now the Electric Coin Company to Prevent Confusion



News achieving Ethereum World News point out that the ZCash Company has rebranded to the Electric Coin Company for the sake of readability. This identify trade is supposed to tell apart them from the ZCash Foundation. The latter is non-profit group that makes a speciality of monetary privateness. The ZCash basis serves the person of the ZCash protocol and blockhain in addition to supporting different packages of zero-knowledge cryptography.

The Electric Coin Company

The complete criminal identify of the ZCash corporate were Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, LLC. For reasonably someday the total identify were truncated to the easier ‘ZCash Company’. The workforce subsequently noticed it have compatibility to embody the brand new identify of Electric Coin Company to offer readability about which entity they constitute. However, the rebranding does now not trade their imaginative and prescient and undertaking. It remains to be the similar. The defined this of their announcement as follows.

So right here we’re: Electric Coin Company. It’ll take us a short time to get the brand new branding proper, release a brand new area and alter out the signal on the place of work, however the identify trade is public, so we would have liked to ensure we have been on file confirming it.

Only the identify has modified. We are the similar workforce, with the similar undertaking: to empower everybody with financial freedom and alternative. We advanced and lend a hand steward Zcash.

What Does the Electric Coin Company Do?

The Electric Coin Company is a gaggle of about 30 other people from all over the world who paintings at the following in relation to the improvement and enhance of ZCash.

  • Build ZCash tool
  • Continually perform cryptographic analysis
  • Perform common safety audits in collaboration with 3rd events
  • Work at the ZCash person revel in such because the reference pockets
  • Engage the group on-line
  • Build vital documentation for ZCash
  • Support exchanges and pockets suppliers with gear for the adoption of ZEC
  • Drive consciousness and adoption of the privateness coin and its generation

Changes to Expect

With the undertaking and actions of the Electric Coin Company nonetheless the similar, what adjustments is the next

  • Company logo
  • New area with all data moved from
  • Company electronic mail addresses can even trade with the brand new area
  • Social media accounts will replicate the brand new adjustments. They come with the ones on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook

What are your ideas at the rebranding via the ZCash corporate to the Electric Coin Company? Does the identify trade lend a hand steer clear of confusion with the ZCash basis? Please tell us within the remark segment underneath. 

Disclaimer: This article isn’t supposed to provide monetary recommendation. Any opinion herein is only the creator’s and does now not constitute the opinion of Ethereum World News or any of its different writers. Please perform your individual analysis sooner than making an investment in any of the a large number of cryptocurrencies to be had. Thank you.

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NEO Cofounder Praises the Ethereum Dev Community, Talks About the Future of Blockchain Tech and NEO 3.0



Da Hongfei, Co-Founder of NEO and the visual face of the venture, gave one of the vital important displays of the NEO DevCon in Seattle. During the development, the neighborhood was once in a position to be informed about a very powerful tendencies which might be being made in this platform in addition to the growth of NEO 3.0, the “evolution” of the blockchain, deliberate for the impending months.

One of essentially the most related issues to be famous is Da Hongfei’s imaginative and prescient of consolidating NEO as a very powerful blockchain of 2020. A difficult purpose relating to adoption and a lot more if the marketplace cap of its token measures the “success” of the blockchain.

NEO 3.0: Goodbye UTXO Tokens and Welcome to 100 % Smart Contracts

The “Chinese Ethereum” has a 2019 filled with demanding situations and tough paintings. The implementation of NEO 3.Zero is thinking about making this blockchain the best option for massive enterprises, optimizing the improvement of Smart Contracts and getting rid of UTXO tokens.

In this regard, the NEO cofounder commented that despite the fact that this can be a tough activity, they’re operating laborious to optimize the blockchain and make the improvement of packages more uncomplicated by means of standardizing the processes and traits of the tokens that run on NEO:

“On NEO, there are some complicated, global assets which are UTXO-based very similar to the model of Bitcoin. And we also have smart contract assets, so we want to unify the two things. In the future, there will be no more UTXO assets or global assets, and you have to issue assets with the smart contract.”

Layer 2 Solutions: The Future of Blockchain

Da Hongfei additionally defined that one day, layer two answers would play a preponderant position within the huge adoption of a blockchain. The building of this kind of applied sciences may affect now not most effective the scalability of tasks but in addition the benefit in their programming:

“You don’t want to know the way to put in writing HTML you simply use WordPress. So, for now, the entire decentralized apps are constructed on most sensible of layer one immediately at the blockchain. But we consider that one day, there can be other layers, numerous layer 2 answers.
Many (if now not all) of those DApps can be constructed on most sensible of layer two answers. So we want higher or local toughen for layer two answers.”

NEO Cofounder Praises Ethereum Community

Also, in an interview for The Bitcoinist, Mr. Da Hongfei made it transparent that despite the fact that there are obtrusive comparisons between NEO and ETH, each tasks have other approaches. This, on the other hand, was once no impediment for the person accountable for NEO to reward Ethereum for having one of the vital cast communities of builders within the ecosystem:

“Ethereum currently has the strongest community of developers; they are like the go-to solution. If you want to study how to do a smart contract, you will probably do it on Ethereum. So those DApps will become like nobody will use.”

He additionally talked concerning the strategy of “decentralization” of the nodes. For Da, figuring out when to switch the ability of nodes held by means of the NEO Foundation is important for a balanced long run for EOS:

“Leading a blockchain corporate isn’t like main a centralized corporate. You don’t seem to be homeowners; you don’t seem to be in entire keep an eye on, infrequently in case you are controlling an excessive amount of, the neighborhood will say you might be too centralized. We have seven consensus nodes, and the NEO basis controls 5 of the nodes.
We are slowly within the strategy of decentralizing the consensus nodes. So sure, it’s like an artwork; you want to steadiness between potency and decentralization.”

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