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DAppNode launches “Nodes for Good” to support OS non-profit projects



DAppNode, a transparent system for hosting P2P clients for DApps, announced today launch of its “Nodes for Good” program. The DAppNode team says that there are many open source (OS) projects out there who are “working out of their desire for a better world, with little to no resources… These projects can benefit greatly from broader collaboration in the space, which led them to search for ways in which they could contribute to their growth and development in a regenerative and not transactional way.”

The hardware and software from DAppNode create the infrastructure layer for any decentralized network to prosper without relying on VPSs and allows users to contribute to their favorite projects with one click installations and opt-in auto-updates.

The DAppNode team wants to support other OS non-profit projects that contribute to the achievement of a better society, provide effective tools for financial inclusion, and work on unstoppable, censorship-resistant projects.

Now through the use of the DAppNode platform, project teams can apply for the “Nodes for Good” program and become partner projects. These partner projects will be included in the installer of DAppNode, allowing anyone with a DAppNode to easily contribute to the network by deploying the node.

Application Requirements

  • The project has to be open source and contribute to a better society by providing solutions for the disadvantaged through blockchain or P2P networks — meaning, they must have a decentralized node architecture that DAppNode can help deploy throughout its users or solve the technical difficulty of the deployment for the users of the OSS project.
  • The project needs to have a docker image of the node.
  • The technical documentation needs to be clear and accessible.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and they are subject to alignment with DAppNode’s vision and bandwidth to go through the applications and to develop the package should the project be selected.

Those interested in applying can receive more information in the following form.

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