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Cryptocurrency swaps on Totle are now insured with Nexus Mutual



Totle, the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange liquidity solution, today announced that Totle’s smart contracts are now insured up to 92 ETH by Nexus Mutual, a decentralized risk-sharing platform.

A major advantage of using Totle is that smart contracts are designed to revert orders in the event that an exchange is experiencing problems. This means that in the event that the DEX has a conflict, user funds are protected by Totle, and in the event that Totle’s smart contracts encounter unforeseen failures, funds will be covered by Nexus Mutual.

“Although our contracts have already met the highest standards for reliability and security, we want our users to feel that they’re guaranteed to have their funds protected. Thank you to Nexus Mutual, we love the great work you’re doing.”
– The Totle Team

Source: Totle

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