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Crypto & security token exchange from SMART VALOR open for business



SMART VALOR, a crypto and security token exchange platform supporting alternative investments, announced that as of last week, July 30th, it is now officially live.

It is operated and licensed out of Switzerland and Liechtenstein to provide an integrated offering of custody, trading, and brokerage to a global audience of investors.

During the initial stages of go-live, two major cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and ether, are available with four separate fiat currencies including: CHF, EUR, GBP, and USD, which produces nine different crypto-fiat markets. In the near future, the plan is for carefully selected, cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based tokens to be added on a monthly basis.

SMART VALOR reports that before the official launch, over 5,000 people registered and completed an early access program, with over 4,857 additionally added in the 7 days leading up to the live launch from over 140 different countries.

Support for SMART VALOR

The team of SMART VALOR is supported by new institutional investors, including The Swiss VC fund Venture Incubator, who contributed an additional 3.2 million CHF (3.25 USD), jointly with other Asian and US institutional investors, such as Tally Capital.

The components of the SMART VALOR platform are designed and set up to evolve and expand over time. Most will be open source with external contributors able to build applications on top of the platform.


The SMART VALOR ecosystem feature native VALOR token, with the following functions:

1. Transaction fee payment at discounts
2. Stake VALOR to issue security tokens or become a PRIME investor
3. Vote for asset listings
4. Participate in a rewards program


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