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Crypto-Friendly Mayor of Miami Announces New CTO Role to Boost Big Tech Engagement in the City



Crypto-Friendly Mayor of Miami Announces New CTO Role to Boost Big Tech Engagement in the City

Avid blockchain supporter and Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, named the city’s first-ever Chief Technological Officer. Saif Ishoof, Vice President of Florida International University’s engagement, as his pick for the new role.

Over the past few years, Miami’s city has rapidly built its name as the next tech hub in the U.S. intending to snip Silicon Valley companies from San Francisco Bay and build on new technologies such as crypto and blockchain. In a call with Bloomberg’s Quicktake, Suarez revealed the city would welcome its first-ever chief technological officer, CTO, who assumes the burden of building Miami into a fully-fledged technological city.

Saif Ishoof, Suarez’s pick for the new role, is currently the vice president of tech advancement for Florida International University and will become the head of engagement and entrepreneurship in Miami. The new role entails communicating with big tech founders, venture capitalists, and engineers who want to move to Miami. The CTO will provide “concierge services” to tech companies who’d wish to move to the city.

On why the new role is important, Suarez said the city needs “somebody that can reach out to them [big tech and VC firms], somebody that can have a subject of conversation…can connect them to incentives that make it more attractive to come [to Miami].”

Suarez has been a vocal advocate of crypto and blockchain technology in the past. Speaking on the Pomp Podcast in December, Suarez stated the city is open and exploring allocating at least 1% of its Treasury reserves to purchasing Bitcoin to promote its tech city plans. Furthermore, he has held meetings and interviews with top crypto personalities, including Gemini exchange founders, Winklevoss twins.

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