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Crypto exchange Kraken to list Nano (NANO)



Cryptocurrency exchange company Kraken, announced today that on November 6th, it will list NANO. Nano (NANO) is a next-generation decentralized network and cryptocurrency designed to solve instantaneous peer-to-peer payments without fees or the need for expensive computational resources.

Funding and Trading Timeline

Kraken will enable deposits and withdrawals for Nano (NANO) at approximately 13:30 UTC on November 6th. The first trades will start shortly after funding is enabled.

Features of Nano

  • Nano utilizes a novel, block-lattice data structure that requires each user account to have its own blockchain and processing power
  • The user account’s blockchain keeps track of their account’s entire transaction and balance history
  • The architecture allows transactions to be confirmed instantaneously and asynchronously, rather than waiting for pre-determined block intervals
  • Each Nano transaction is then broadcast to the entire network and recorded in historical ledgers
  • Nano transactions cost on average $.002, which is the amount of electricity needed to complete a small proof of work for processing
  • Originally called Railblocks, Nano was launched on October 4, 2015. It rebranded in January 2018

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